Crispy Gamer: LEGO Indiana Jones Preview

LEGO Indiana Jones will cover the original trilogy of action films. That means we'll be riding mine carts with LEGO Short Round, chasing the grail with LEGO Sean Connery, and running from Hovitos with LEGO Alfred Molina. In fact, the game digs deep into the Indiana Jones character pool, allowing players to play as folks as obscure (and undeniably awesome) as Captain Katanga.

Crispy Gamer's GDC preview held at the LucasArts studio in San Francisco's Presidio provided a look at the "Raiders of The Lost Ark" portion of the game. A cute, but scruffy-looking Indiana Jones pushed his way through a Peruvian rainforest with Yagua guides and his sidekick Satipo in tow. After a run-in with a colony of bats, Indy and Satipo poke their heads into the booby-trapped temple of the Chachopoyan Warriors, where their adventure begins.

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