dbTechno PS3 Review: MLB '08: The Show

MLB '07: The Show was released on the Sony PS3 last year, a few months after it was available on the PS2 and PSP. Even though many considered it to be the best baseball game on any console, it was still hampered by quite a few issues. The developers have gone back to the drawing board, and now have given us MLB '08: The Show. Did they do enough to hit a home run, or did they trip getting into the batter's box?

It is clear that the power of the PS3 was used this year to greatly improve The Show. The second you jump into a game you will immediately notice the huge visual improvements over last year's game, which looked more like a high-res version of the PS2 version than a full-blown PS3 release.

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pwnmaster30003929d ago

another AAA game for the ps3 and is this year to, cmon how many 360 AAA title came out this year