Overload: Raising Hell New Screenshots

First Screenshots from the PlayStation 3 version.

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RadientFlux3972d ago

Looks about the same as the x360 version, I am sure some people will say that there is a difference but it doesn't seem noticeable. The map system looks improved though.

Laexerias3972d ago

First i thought:
Overloard: Raising Hell?
Wth! And then i saw the Screens.. oh gosh. xD It made me laugh really.
And to the Graphics? Who cares, if it is good it is good i wait till the most Reviews are out.
I mean i heard it was sell'd few million times for Xbox? Or something like that. So it couldnt be that bad..

stuntman_mike3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

really why have they bothered re-releasing it, it wasnt that good first time round,codemasters should have spent more time making turning point better than re-do this.