Crispy Gamer: Fable 2 Preview

If Fable 2 turns out half as well as Peter Molyneux's descriptions of the game, gamers are in for something special.

Launching in the holiday window of 2008, the famed game designer and unrivaled pitchman spent time at GDC to demo new features and continue to pump up the sequel that ambitiously looks to reinvent the role-playing genre.

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Harry1903966d ago

toujours rever.ce sera une merde comme le precedent.
peter moulyneux n'est qu'un bon a rien qui se la joue.

Boldy3966d ago

This game will be great, even if all of Peter's ideas don't quite make the final cut. The first Fable was great despite what anyone says. Yes it would have been better if it had everything Peter wanted and said would be in the game, but that in no way makes it a bad game.

Rhezin3966d ago

but this game is gonna kick a$$ completely. I WANT THIS NOW ALONG WITH GEARS OF WAR 2 AND NINJA GAIDEN II