See how much more people can push a Cell processor

Even as game developers are trying to push all those cores in the Cell to the max to extract the most gameplay and graphics out of the PS3, others are looking to squeeze performance of a different kind from the processor, as demoed by Toshiba during the 2006 CETEC exhibit. After all, the "consumer electronics" tag in CETEC isn't limited to just games, as is the Cell.

Besides the PS3, the Cell's expected to be used in a wide variety of gadgets such as TVs, cell phones, and video recorders. Toshiba showed off two real-time applications of the Cell. One had it pulling twelve (count it: 12, that's 4 times 3, cheaper-by-the-dozen 12) high-def TV signals and playing them on the same TV at the same time.

The second Toshiba demo was real-time motion-capture (mo-cap). The subject is being captured in real time and NOT wearing that funny mo-cap suit. The running commentary suggests that this can be used in online shopping, with shoppers being able to try out "virtual" clothing selections by mo-cap before buying them. Oh heck, let's not forget that the next-gen EyeToy's coming out for the next-gen PS3! Let's try for mo-cap Fight Night!

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Raist5897d ago

12 HD signals, ok that's fine, wooh, yippikaie.
Well we don't really care.

On the other hand, the motion capture thing is pretty impressive IMO

ApocalypseShadow5897d ago

start understanding what this(the cell)means in the coming years.more powerful that display 12 hd signals like in"back to the future 2 with marty's son watching tv.recording 12 hdtv programs all at the same time.going to an online store and trying on clothes,watches,hats,jewelry for women,glasses,etc that appear on you out of thin air to see if you like it.then buy it.limitless possibilities.microsofts three chip set won't be doing any of this's why intel and apple were scared of it(cell).it would mean they spent all that money for nothing.

Silver Bull3t5873d ago (Edited 5873d ago )

"microsofts three chip set won't be doing any of this stuff"

No duh, Seeing as it was developed as a platfrom specific processor. Not as a Jack of all trades but master of none.

btw Apple doesn't make their own chips dumbass.

DJ5850d ago

"No duh, Seeing as it was developed as a platfrom specific processor. Not as a Jack of all trades but master of none."

Sadly, you actually got that backwards. There's nothing special about the Xenon, other than its cache, which clocks in at 1.6 GHz. (half the speed of its G5 cores) Cell creams G5 processors in benchmarks, and while it's not a perfect indicator of performance, it's a pretty reliable observation.

Microsoft seems to love PC architecture, while Sony prefers making chips catered towards high-performance gaming.

Say's you5897d ago

The mobile phones (Cell) phones get it cause it literally has the Cell in the mobile phones lol