Teen Hacker Accused of Unleashing $20 Million Botnet ; Infects 1.3 Million Computers

The FBI says the New Zealand teen hacker created a mega-botnet that infected more than a million computers. The world has been reminded that the era of the teen hacker is far from dead, with the arrest of a fresh-faced 18 year-old for allegedly masterminding a botnetting operation.

The New-Zealand-based accused, Owen Thorn Walker, is said to have been the leader of a group of programmers that set up a botnet that infected 1.3 million computers with the purpose of stealing credit cards and manipulating stock trades.

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skynidas3967d ago

WOW 1.3 millions computers!! LOL

decapitator3967d ago

All that talent wasted. He could have probably done something a bit productive rather than hacking.

DiabloRising3967d ago

He probably still will. Watch the government snap up his "services" for "consulting."

mighty_douche3967d ago

Yep, sooner or later, most good hackers end up on a government payroll.

RecSpec3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

$20 mil, and only 10 years in prison? (if that).

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Hentai3967d ago

He's is a genious hacker.

sumfood4u3967d ago

Make his Talent of good use like curing Cancer!

Rocko3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

get lives [email protected], go out and get some sunlight.

robbo9183966d ago

Yeah hackers suck but then again even though they are low life they are a step above idiots who use gay slurs to condemn someone else.

Rocko3966d ago

and you probably used the very same word 5x today online [email protected], shut the f**k up.

robbo9183966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Grow up idiot. I don't use gay slurs or racist slurs actually, nice try though. Its sad that's how you go through life and your response is even more sad. Oh and those who are most homophobic often have something to hide about themselves. Don't blame me because you aren't secure in your sexuality.

Seriously how old are you, at least physically since I have already guessed your mental age.

Rocko3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Usual liberal douchebag response, "those who say [email protected] are gay". Its used all the time, welcome to the internet [email protected] Think your so mature cuz of your choice of words online? NOBODY cares, shut the f**k up.

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The story is too old to be commented.