PS3 Chip Goes To War

Mercury Computer will use the Cell processor developed for Sony's PlayStation 3 game console to help develop battlefield systems.

Mercury Computer Systems will help design a system for soldiers in the battlefield utilizing gaming and artificial intelligence technologies, a Mercury executive said Thursday.

The project is the latest to tout alternate uses for the Cell Broadband Engine processor, originally developed by Sony and IBM for use in the PlayStation3 console...

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TheMART5898d ago

Yup for scientific use it's great we know.

But what about the games? Sell all the PS3's to the army that'll work

bilal5898d ago

sony had spent that much time on its online network as well!

THAMMER15898d ago

Is perfect for servers and large number crunching calculations. It seems it will O.K. for a game console. The mercury cell is the chip to beat all chips for the next 10+ years. That chips out dose the PS3 cell by 3-4+ terafolps. Too bad that it not in the PS3. I wonder if the mercury cell is the one the U.S. army is using or is it the base cell that is in the PS3.

omansteveo5898d ago

Noth this again this is the same hype we heard about the super powerful emotion chip from the ps2 that apparently wa being used in nukes at that time...this crap dont believe it

Shadow Flare5898d ago

Why do they always have to use good technology for bad purposes? Sucks man

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