New Final Fantasy XIII promotional video on SE News Channel

Square Enix's Mobile News Channel has just released a new promotional video of Final Fantasy XIII: "This week, the new promotional movie of Final Fantasy XIII was viewed more from Sukueni Channel at a private event. The video was not shown anywhere other than the event, of course, but there may be a possibility of the video being televised at some point. The video can be viewed on "905i" mobile phones.

Forever Fantasy will upload the video whenver they get a hold of it.

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meepmoopmeep3968d ago

i hope this is a sign of them starting their ad campaign and hopefully XIII is released at the end of the year or Q1 2009

kingOVsticks3968d ago

if this game gets released in 08 everywhere then it will be a MEGATON! but I reeeealy doubt it I can see it coming out in japan by year end then somewhere Q1 and Q2 in America/Europe it would be sweet if sony set it up with gow 3 and FF13 coming out in march like gow chains of olympus and crisis core came out this month.

meepmoopmeep3968d ago

yeah, unfortunately i share your same opinion and i don't think it will make it beyond Japan this year. I really wish it did but i have to look at it realistically, and that tells me it's a 2009 game. I hope SE will prove me wrong :P

tidus0073968d ago

FF13 will destroy every game in the market during its release

heyheyhey3968d ago

oh fcuking great

you need a specialized phone to watch this

half the world is mad about FF and you release a video exclusively on a 950i phone

Hentai3968d ago

I wonder how many hawt girls are going to be in the game

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The story is too old to be commented.