Nude Images on Xbox LIVE

A Lansing mother was shocked after her two children were subjected to nude pictures on Xbox LIVE. Michigan State Police say this disturbing crime should be a wake up call for parents.

Video games are meant to be a haven mostly targeted towards children but just like logging onto the Internet, state police say online games have become a magnet for sexual predators.

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LJWooly3972d ago

Hey, come on. It could have happened anywhere.

Although I must admit, there's something about Live that does seem to bring out the worst in gamers. Maybe it's the age demographic that Live is aimed at, I don't know.

Still, it's not Live's fault this happened, it's up to the individuals that commited the crime.

Richdad3972d ago

Just think by putting the address of a adult site in your browser you can get to something what was mentioned. Also you can see how are messegers like Yahoo and Community sites like Orkut have these things in them.
But also one thing is to be mentioned that Xbox Live provides with very high level of digital communication so this is missued. BUt I surely think that how fair is for the parents to let their children play on LIVE without any supervison or I must say they should atlest not let 15 years or less kids play online games better they use Live just for free contents.
Also not only thes kids ruin themselves but they mostly ruin the matches on Live by jumping instantly from one match to another giving awkward commnents etc.

Close_Second3972d ago

...I hate that you cannot turn on a setting that will ensure adult avatars are not displayed. This site should introduce a setting so when you upload your avatar that you indicate if it contains x-rated images. That way I can turn on a setting that won't display such images.

thedude176553972d ago

not to mention avatars that have swears in them, this site doesn't look to kindly on swears in there post, so why not the avatars.

Timesplitter143972d ago

Yes. This is tragic. I mean.... seeing humans in their natural form? These children will surely become murderers or somrthing like that.

/sarcasm, just in case you didn't notice

DRUDOG3972d ago

Pedophiles should be castrated. Yes, I mean that. Or be forced to take medication or get a shot that takes away their libido. I understand those folks have a "sickness", but it's supposedly uncurable so take some more drastic measures. I bet that sh!t bag wouldn't be sending pics of himself without any balls...

DarkSniiper3971d ago

Home will be worst. Predators can invite the kids to there apartment and the walls could be lined with Nude images everywhere and the TVs could be playing porn for the kiddies. HOME will be Evail!


JoelR3971d ago

If your PS3 is setup with parental controls the subaccounts can not enter a private space with out the primary account giving access to that space. That means if a child enters somewhere like that - it is the parent that is remiss and not the Interface.

It's the same reason PSN does not allow you to upload your own avatar but must use their preapproved incarnations. Sony is being extra careful because it is an all ages environment.

AKA - Parents have all the control about where their children get to inside Home.

MattFoley3971d ago

I for once agree with Sniper. Home will be far worse unless the appropriate tools are in place to stop such things from happening. Remeber when that kiddie porn playground thing happened in SecondLife, now it will be apartments. They should have people in place like they do in chat rooms to bust these perverts. Otherwise they are going to run amuck and ruin everyone elses experience.

I only think Home will be worse because its a 3d world and like second life its seems to appeal more to these freaks.

CrazedFiend3971d ago

Give good ol' Jack something else to rave about.

You pervs are gonna make it hard for the rest of us. Get help or stick to the internet. Leave the game world alone.

Cryos3971d ago

Love how all you x-bots are condemning Home and saying it will be worse without any knowledge of it.

Also, this mother refuses to now let her children play on Live because of this? Overreact much?

"She now fears for the safety of her children"?

I'm sure she has no problem with them hearing the profanity on Live. I also find it funny that the article says they were "subjected" to the photos, as if they had no control over seeing them.

Again, the media makes it all about the console and gaming, and refuse to offer any insights on how parents can, and SHOULD take action to prevent these things from happening. Banning her kids from live is a knee-jerk reaction, esp. when there are other alternatives.

Bloodshedder3971d ago

what are you talking abouth!

dantesparda3971d ago

is way overreacting, and I see that some of youse are too. This is a pathetic issue and i think that the rampart racism on Live is a bigger issue than this.

InMyOpinion3971d ago

I was being ironic. I mean what are these articles getting at? Xbox Live is no different than other online communities. In fact it's probably safer considering all of the parental features.

I'm sick and tired of reading article after article that tries to take a stab at Xbox Live. I rarely see any articles bashing PSN.

JsonHenry3971d ago

I thought the 360 has parental lock that disables this sort of thing?

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xbox360elitegamer3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

this ain't right, not good for the future of the children playing on Xbox Live...

wow4u3972d ago

Give it a rest -- there is no more or less* danger to this happening on PSN or Xbox LIVE.

The news report was fcuking retarded and inaccurate.

WTF did Halo 3 have to do with it? There is *NO* video feature to Halo 3.... and that's just for starters.

This story was just a 6'oclock hysteria.

Delive3972d ago

This article has nothing to do with PSN. lol. When talking about how good live is, adding PSN into the conversation is inappropriate because it's not as good as live. Don't bring PSN into it when Live needs a partner in crime. PSN only has 126 perverts on it compared to Live's 1.59 Million pervs due to a much smaller audience.

Having fun with this stuff is great.

lwsbrck3971d ago

simple solution, the stupid bint should restrict picture messaging to friends only, or restrict all together. its not exactly hard to do >.>

Milky3971d ago

Last week my friends live account got hacked and the hacker put all this hardcore porn on it and changed all the friends list. It was sooo funny because his mum saw it and was disgusted. This could happen to anyone.

JoelR3971d ago

Having you account hacked is not something that can happen to anyone.
If you have a decent secure password (min 6 characters(preferably 8 chracters) and mix of numbers and letters not based on dictionary words.) And you are smart enough not to be social engineered - the odds of you being hacked are vanishingly small.

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Mr_Kuwabara3972d ago

OMG teh bUbi3s agaienz gaimIeng!

Gish3971d ago

Actually they ban by MAC address. It is the physical address of your PS3, which means that PS3 is a brick as far as PSN is concerned.

Jack T3972d ago

Home will be far worse. A joystiq interview with Phil Harrison confirmed content on Home will not be monitored.

That means you could walk into a room and be subjected to sick child pornography videos. All you will be able to do then is make a complaint, with no guarantee Sony will do anything about it.

Sony is deliberatly creating an enviroment in which peadophiles can share video and pictures and not get caught.

Lord Anubis3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

lol, Home will be monitor and there is also a report system. Also you can't just walk into an apartment. At any rate those that break the rules would be subject to a PSN ban.

pwnsause3972d ago

rooms at home have a choice to make them public or private. trust me im well informed, im in the beta

snoop_dizzle3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

xbl also has a report system....but it seemed at least from what i saw, it was never used that much. Hopefully it is utilized this time in home.

Gamers on n4g are smart enough about this stuff, but not everyone using home(especially kids) will know good enough.

also kids can be are curious...they might get into something they will regret.

maybe they will be drawn into a room by some thing like... "Win a free ps3 game if you enter my room"...who knows.

toughNAME3972d ago

Even with some of the cool features Home is supposed to have, I'm going to have to agree with you.


LJWooly3972d ago

There was an article a while back on N4G regarding the lenghts Sony are going to in order to make sure Home becomes nothing like that.

Apparently, anyone who is proven to have done something wrong will have their PSN account cancelled, and their IP invalidated (or something like that) meaning the only way they'd be able to get online again would be to move house.

I'm sure Home will be fine, although I'm glad people are raising concern about it, spurring Sony to make sure nothing like that happens.

However, I think you're not really concerned, and that you're jealous or something. Either way, it can only result in good things for Home.

snoop_dizzle3972d ago

they might be able to monitor it, and i hope so....for some sicko like that this would be a more appealing route than say xbl, since you have your own virtual room.

And if what you say is true..than great. The question is, are people actually going to use the report system? xbl has one...and i never really heard about it being used much. Possibly all they will have to do though is make the report feature very noticeable. However while they should do this, parents need to smarten up.

LJWooly3972d ago

I think a virtual room makes it fairly more complicated, and tehrefore actually serves the adverse for a paedophile.

Also, Live relies on people reporting violations, while Home relies on reports and heavy moderating (apparently).

But, neither of us know anyhting for sure (I'm assuming you weren't in on the Home beta either) so we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.
Still, raising concern is only going to push sony to make Home safer for kids, and therefore is nothing but a good thing to do.

wow4u3972d ago


How do you think Xbox LIVE works?

Halo 3 has no video ability.

And, these kids would have to have *accepted* to view the message -- it was their own poor judgment ("hey, should i watch videos from strangers?") that caused this.

To the HATERS from the Sony Camp, be careful what you're saying about Online Gaming, becuase the PSN version of this idiot story is just around the corner.

Intstead of taking this as a method to spread anti- Xbox 360 FUD, you'd be much better off saying: "THIS ARTICLE WAS STUPID becuase X,Y,X".

to paraphrase;
"First they came for Xbox LIVE, then they came for Wii-Net, and then they came for PSN, but there was no one left to defend me..."

Wake up people.

CrazedFiend3971d ago

Actually this concern has been brought up repeatedly about Home almost as soon as the concept was announced. Directly to Sony. I would be very surprised if they didn't have some kind of safeguard woven into Home from nearly the beginning.

If you're still concerned that some safeguard might not be included, why not contact Sony about the problem. Unlike Live, Home is not quite out yet. Writing your concern to Sony would do us a whole hell of a lot better than complaining about it here. That way, even if they haven't put something in already (again that would be a big shock to me), they can begin working early on some kind of patch.

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MACHone3972d ago

...don't let them play Uno. You're just asking for trouble.

Chug3972d ago

I dont know why you got disagrees.
I've seen some really f'd-up stuff playing uno. Everything from wieners & boobs to guns & drugs. Not a very good environment for children.

InMyOpinion3971d ago

What's that in your avatar? Play Uno a lot? ;)