Phantasy Star Universe Beta Starts!

SEGA has announced the start of the Xbox 360 trial beta-test of Phantasy Star Universe today.

Gamers worldwide will be able to play the newest addition to the epic sci-fi Phantasy Star series during a free-trial beta download period that will run until October 18th, 2006. The beta will be available for download until Sunday 15th Oct.

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InMyOpinion5894d ago

Who wants to pay for this? It's aweful. I loved the dreamcast version, but that was years ago and the game has only gotten worse since.

RBlaze5894d ago

yea its a kick in the ass to have to pay. But a free beta demo is a free beta demo. Ive downloaded it, now ive just gotta go to a lecture, then il try it when i get back. if it adds another damn 'achievement slot' to my list, even tho its a demo, il be so annoyed!!!

PhantomMD5894d ago (Edited 5894d ago )

Ya know I was realy looking forward to this but I just cant see paying 10 bucks a month for it.... They don't even maintain there servers very well, In PSO on the Xbox There was an Xmas tree in the lobby for over a year.... and don't get me started on the annoying xmas music in the background!

ASSASSYN 36o5894d ago

This is why I have a xbox 360 free beta demos moments like this make me gald I made this purchase...yes im bragging!

BIadestarX5894d ago

I am looking to get into some MMO... and I don't want to play guild wars; I bought that and I don't really like the pvp. FFXI was too complex, and WOW it's too advance for me(everyone high level). I will take a look at this game; it is always great to start a game when everyone is low level.

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