Games Radar: Viking: Battle for Asgard Preview

For 360 and PS3 owners, the month of March is a bit of a wasteland. The heavy hitters like Call of Duty and Halo are far behind us... the sun-blocking giant of GTA IV is still frustratingly far ahead of us. Where's a gamer to turn? What mindless violence and blistering action will keep us going through the drought?

Viking: Battle for Asgard may be the answer. Wait... Viking what? Yeah, the fantasy-based hack 'n slasher isn't prominent on many players' radar. Those who do know about the game probably see the bare-chested barbarian hero chopping up horde after horde of magical zombies and assume it's just a xerox of Conan or God of War. Based on Games Radar's hands-on time, however, that's only half right.

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