PSP World: God Of War: Chains Of Olympus Review

The controls work really well especially since it has to adapt to a PSP with only one analog stick. The cinemas and voice acting are amazing and PSP World are particularly impressed that the frame rate is solid. The only thing is the game is a bit short but that can change with the different difficulties. It is a hand-held and action game at that. To wrap this all up PSP World have to say after a long wait and finally engaging the full potential of this game on the PSP the Gods have shaken the heavens and brought us something amazing.

Pros: Button controls are amazing, storyline is outstanding, and the action is there for your enjoyment. With unlockables and difficult challenges you have one great hand-held.

Cons: The game is a bit short.

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TheMART3974d ago

The game is really great for a handheld!