Eragon Preview

Videogame adaptations of successful movies have been irreparably cursed ever since Atari buried over one million unsold ET Spectrum cartridges in a New Mexico landfill in 1982. But that hasn't stopped developers trying, and with Stormfront Studios getting full backing and co-operation from the film's production team, Eragon is shaping up to be as successful as the book that spawned it...

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Xbox 360 title Eragon drops to $9.99 at retailer

Vivendi Universal's Eragon for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 dropped to $9.99 Mon. at online retailer Amazon.com.

The action title, which carries a list price of $39.99, was released to the U.S. in Nov. 2006.

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MK_Red6044d ago

Well, this is a game that I won't play even if they pay me $10 for doing so! Another bad movie-game based on a bad movie based on a not-so-good book.

jinn6044d ago

they need to stop making games based on movies such as harry potter, eragon, shrek, and other games related to the family/children genre. everybody has way more important things to do like play halo 3.

Excalibur6044d ago

I picked it up for a tad over 8 bucks due to a Circuit City Price match from E.B. games and the game really isn't as bad as it's made out to be.

I played it for several hours after I bought it and plan on beating it sometime soon.
For 8-10 bucks, give it a try, you might be surprised.

Funky Town_TX6044d ago

The demo was a joke. This is what happens with movies games. They hope the movie will push the game. Spiderman anyone?

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Top Ten Microtransactions Of 2006

This list was compiled by Gamersfeast using data from Microsoft's website.

1. Need for Speed Carbon - $35.73 - Electronic Arts
2. The Godfather - $30.80 - Electronic Arts
3. Test Drive Unlimited - $30.61 - Atari
4. Oblivion - $24.11 - Bethesda
5. Chromehounds - $23.74 - Sega
6. Call of Duty 2 - $14.99 - Activision
7. Tiger Woods 07 - $14.24 - Electronic Arts
8. Ridge Racer 6 - $11.99 - Namco
9. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - $11.24 - Ubisoft
10. Eragon - $10.00 - Vivendi Games
10. Kameo - $10.00 - Microsoft
10. PGR 3 - $10.00 - Microsoft

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Yo Wassap6267d ago

And i was almost expecting EA to hold the top three, as it turns out they only got the top 2; pitiful really.

No surprises though with NFS:C, why anybody would get the game in the first place however is a mystery to me.

G_CodeMonkey6267d ago

1) It didn't say what was just gamer pics versus actual content (unlockable cars, new levels), and how much of that content wasn't available except through payment.
2) I will (and I'm sure not myself only) boycotting any product that has content that you must pay additional for, instead of unlocking through progress. That includes the games I'm waiting for: C&C, Bioshock, Kane & Lynch. I'm personally boycotting Madden and NCAA unless they have actual significant gameplay additions.
3) Reviewers need to add unlockable content to their reviews, how much is there, and how its unlocked--via payment only or through game progress. Capitalism works: I'll pay attention to the most complete reviews that include this.
Reviewers, keep your target audience (us) in mind versus your advertisers.
4) Notice Ghost Recon wasn't on that list, despite having new levels (somewhat).

OblivionMon6267d ago

You can't simply say something as pointless as that if you understood that compainies must make money and this is a way for the fans to not get board with an overplayed game.

G_CodeMonkey6267d ago

Not sure if #3 was directed at me, but I failed to differentiate added levels/maps versus unlockable cars, etc. I bought the GRAW extra pack and will be first in line to buy any expansion to GoW (which Epic said will be free--yeah!). The companies shouldn't be shorting customers on levels just so they can sell them to them later--or risk reviewers ripping them on short missions/multi-player (ala GoW, which I still love). In Epic's case, I believe they were trying to meet the deadline imposed by M$ and planned to add more content later (again, for free). And yes, I'll be buying the next two editions of GoW--I can't help it, I'm addicted. gCM

MicroGamer6267d ago

they would put the content back into the game for free where it belongs.

calderra6266d ago

The top 3 games on this list mostly have unlocks for items already available in-game, but you can download unlocks to make them easier to obtain if you choose.

New business model, lazy gamers, or a ripoff?
According to gamers, all of the above to some degree.


Eragon Review

Boy, Christopher Paolini must be living the high life right about now. The 23 year-old has already published a book that has been read by millions of people around the world and has been turned into a major motion picture starring perennial Oscar candidates Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich. Fans rejoiced when they heard that Eragon was being turned into a movie, but it was the announcement of the game that got us excited. After hearing people talk about what a great story it was, we couldn't help but look forward to the release. Unfortunately, Eragon is a major disappointment in just about every way. It's one of those games that will only appeal to the hardcore fans of the property, and even they will probably be frustrated by its repetitive, boring gameplay and subpar graphics.

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bighed036302d ago

i played the demo for about 5 minutes before i erased it.

0ldb0y6302d ago

About 2 minutes for me.

MGS was hoping for Viva Pinata what Paolini has going for Ergaon now: mass appeal across multiple media. Apparently, Pinata is the better game, but doesn't have the same demand as Eragon.

rj816302d ago

Looks worse than...dare I say it...Genji.

Monchichi0256302d ago

This doesn't bode well for the upcoming PS3 game "Lier" as some general gamers might confuse these two titles because there the same type of game. We all know it's not, but remember, people are stupid!

Balance6302d ago

yeah took about 5 minutes for me to delete also. demo SUCKED. thank MS for demos though, imagine if someone bought the game, they would have been pissed. if you buy it after playing the demo,,, well as said earlier, people are stupid.

willymcd6302d ago

played the demo for 3 or so minutes and then deleted the worst game i have ever played on my 360.

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