360 HD-DVD drive can be plugged into a PC, "Stunning" picture quality

Gizmodo reader Pete was lucky enough to attend a presentation that Microsoft and Toshiba were giving about their respective HD DVD players-Microsoft with a production sample Xbox 360 attachment and Toshiba with their HD-A2 and HD-XA2 second-generation HD DVD players.

"We got to view some HD-DVDs discs that aren't out yet, and the picture quality was absolutely stunning. [redacted] made it clear that we couldn't discuss what titles we saw. These were 4th or 5th generation HD-DVD titles, and they really have the VC-1 encoding down to a science. They told us to keep the actual bit-rates secret, but they are only slightly higer than regular DVD bitrates which is astounding. (and we're talking about 1080p 24fps video here).

We watched everything on a 50" Pioneer Elite 1080p plasma, which i kind of thought was cheating - everything looked incredible on it. The 360 was hooked up via component, outputting 1080i. Definitely no 1080p over component - that's blocked by the AACS copy protection. The plasma, however reconstructed the 1080p from the discs perfectly, and it you would expect it to for $10k.

Some things I found out, and can talk about is the 360 HD-DVD drive can be plugged into a PC and it will be recognized as an optical drive, but will not play HD-DVD movies. I asked what if you have the proper HD-DVD software on the PC, to that [redacted] said that he didn't know, it hadn't been tried yet- maybe there's something there...

He toed the old 360-won't-have-hdmi line. He cited cost as the deciding factor when they were developing the hardware. He said that the HDCP and the ICT flag will never be a issue becasue the install base of the 360 HD-DVD drive will be so large (he said millions, mabye tens of millions) that any studio that decided to implement ICT would be roasted alive in the press. They wouldn't say how many HD-DVD drives would be available at launch (Nov 17, i think), but later on during different questions/conversations they said there would be "a couple hundred thousand", and "several hundred thousand" for the holidays. Random 360 HD-DVD bits - all the HD-DVD decoding is done in software, the HD-DVD drive will come with the media remote and the King Kong HD-DVD.

We all got "preliminary" spec sheets on the new HD-A2, and HD-XA2 - no new info there, although the HD-A2 is supposed to drop next week, HD-XA2 drops in Nov/Dec.
I asked if the old models would ever get 1080p output through firmware, to which they replied an definitive no, but the old players would not be abandoned, firmware-wise."


i really think MS should make it playback in HD on a pc if they are going to let it connect to one. this would be a awesome feature to include!

crazyman6464d ago

I wonderde if that would be possible a while ago and now it is. I do hope that Microsoft do make it useable that realy would help with sales and the xbox image

TheMART6464d ago

Damn if it's usable on PC and 360, that's nice. More people will then buy the 360 and a seperate add-on instead of the PS3, because that BR drive they can't detach from the console.

With this, they can choose were to play the disc, on their 360 in the living room on the HDTV or if the wife is watching dull programs take the add-on to the desktop and watch it there! ;)

For real. That would be great!

RBlaze6463d ago

the way the live camera can connect to the pc and be used (i think), but the HD DVD drive cant be used

uuuunvnv26463d ago

"He toed the old 360-won't-have-hdmi line"
what is that all about????

Arkham6463d ago

It means he reiterated that the-360-won't-have-HDMI.

calderra6463d ago

Actually, Microsoft have confirmed that the 360 can output HDMI-compatible digital 1080p. Micorsoft is just waiting for demand to be high enough to be worth releasing the cables for it.

(And remember: Games can do 1080p over Component cables. The movie industry just doesn't want films to do so.)

And since the PS3 doesn't come with HDMI cables either, that means the two systems basically have the exact same support for 1080p.

Arkham6463d ago (Edited 6463d ago )

Thanks, Poindexter, I know. I was translating that high-falootin' language for the poster who questioned it. ;)

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Atleast release a remaster trilogy or something to gage interest. I'd buy it. With that said I'm pretty over superheroes at this point. Infamous is still dope as fk though so it'd be a buy

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Omfg i would go apesh!t for that 😩

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This series, days gone, will continue to get ignored by sony, luckily we still have the horizon series, sly cooper not getting pushed anymore, speaking of that I'm bout to get on my ps2 and play some sly 2 anyways lol, but seriously I never woulda thought back then sony would ever cold shoulder most of their franchises I'm actually surprised they're still letting ratchet&clank be around

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It's gotta be Far Cry 2 for me, the feeling of that game I'm still yet to find again, just everything about it, I'd kill for a remaster, I'd even be happy with just a bump in resolution and frame rate, occasionally go back to it, think I'm gunna have to do just that now 😂