The Hot Topic : Is Digital Distribution A Good Thing?

Nidzumi Writes : So the format wars are over and Blu-Ray disks are now the medium of choice or so we thought, as literally seconds after the announcement of HD-DVD, Toshiba and Microsoft hailed digital distribution. Now I'm all for Downloadable Content as long as it isn't horse armor but would you seriously like to see the digital distribution model used instead of a physical copy....

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Harry1903973d ago

anyone tell me why i
should support digital distribution.
the whole concept seems somewhat ridiculous.
it would be like buying a carravagio and displaying it on
your tv screen.this sounds strange.

Harry1903973d ago

has lots going against it.

Lifendz3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

just because HDDs break, can crash, and/or things can get deleted by accident. Imagine if someone got a hold of your movies and decided to delete some stuff. And the amount of time needed to download a HD quality movie is going to be significant. I bish about how long it takes to download a demo; I can't imagine doing a movie.

I know this is the future and, eventually, it'll probably be as seamless and intuitive as buying music online but not right now.

Besides, I still like having the cases displayed in my cabinet.

HerBieScrogg3973d ago

I think digital distribution is good in a may make u spend money on massive storage devices and maybe longer download times, but why not it beats wasting gas in traffic,parking lots,waitin in long lines and even sales taxes..the point of it being in your home maybe more convenient to those who have busy schedules and cant make it to retail stores...thats what i think

TheExecutive3973d ago

I see what you are saying and its a good choice for some consumers (handicapped and so on) but there still needs to be a choice between physical media and DD.

Oh btw, if someone is really that busy where they cant get out and buy the movie then they pry wont be able to watch it in the first place.

TheExecutive3973d ago

as apposed to a bad thing? I think its a viable CHOICE for consumers and as long as there is choice between DD and physical media. Its really a win-win for us consumers, but there needs to be choice.

Blogizzle3973d ago

I have to agree there needs to be more games like Warhawk that offer a choice between both content delivery models. To quote Microsoft 'It's all about choice'

DrWan3973d ago

I can't resell my games anymore

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