PS3 battle has two fronts

The news, as reported by Reuters, that US retail chain Gamestop has already pre-sold its quota of PlayStation 3 consoles throughout its 3600 stores comes as no surprise. We can expect the same thing to happen today with the Nintendo Wii console. However, Sony will be fighting its battle on two fronts.

As numerous commentators have pointed out, PS3 will find itself up against a pretty tough competitor in Nintendo Wii when it hits the market this year...

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Marriot VP5896d ago

Yah the PS3 will have 2 fronts

One will be PS3's fight against it's CEO's, and the other will be against the competition.

PS3 Owns All5896d ago

Sold out already through 3,600 stores! I never heard news like that for the 360..IN THE U.S. No NOT Japan! In THE U.S.! MS's own HOME market!

Say's you5895d ago

Why would anybody be interested in Wii? when practically it has alot of kiddie? games? on it the only violent game I've seen is Red Steel and plus to make it more realistic for Nintendo Wii I highly doubt its going to do a good job knowing it has the last years graphics the same graphics as the Xbox.