Five Reasons We Make Fun of Girl Gamers on XboxLive

Via's writer Billy:

"Most gamers on XboxLive are male. I won't go into age, cause it ranges from 6 year olds to 40 year old men, which is fine. However, there exists one certain gamer that always seems to draw attention to a chatroom full of men --- the female gamer.

1. Male Dominance
XboxLive is not an equality opportunity environment. This is our realm. We have owned the gaming realm since Chess, Pong, and Dungeon&Dragons. Just like if we were to walk into a beauty store, we would be a noob. Hairspray, mouse, gel --- it all does the same thing right? That's exactly how we feel when a female enters our domain."

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decapitator3928d ago

I agree with male dominance and also some guys tend to act like idiots when girls come online. I guess they try so hard to show off and end up making ass of themselves.

General Pinky3928d ago

It is just sexy that a chick can play video games
but it true there are a lot of noob chicks....

UnblessedSoul3928d ago

Yeah I always laugh cause when a girl joins a game on PSN everyone gets into a fight it's quite funny

Silellak3928d ago

This article makes me embarassed to use XBox Live.

Actually, it makes me embarassed to be on the internet at ALL.

druqs3928d ago

Couldn´t agree more! The attitude towards women is just pathetic. You should be glad that girls who want to play computer and console games with stupid nerds like the one who wrote this article.

barom3928d ago

I agree with both of you. I certainly wish most gamers have the attitude of the girls. You know, play just to have fun.

Spike473928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

help them out.

It's fun to act like the hero for once. Not because 'm trying to impress the girl but it's always nice to switch sides u know.

silellack you are a girl?

mariusmal3928d ago

never found a girl online, if i do i would be nice to her ehehe ;)