Chains of Olympus: Not quite God of War

Chains of Olympus takes us into badass hero Kratos' past, and for the most part provides a satisfyingly gory experience, with a story which, while it lacks the length and depth of the games on the PSPs bigger siblings, is still pretty entertaining. When you consider that the action is taking place on a portable, it's pretty mind blowing.

But even keeping this in mind, it doesn't quite live up to the other God of War games. For one thing the franchise's formula isn't changed whatsoever, which is one of our gripes for the game. Gameplay-wise, nothing much has changed. You still run around and beat the shit out of enemies and then meet up with the occasional boss fight.

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decapitator3967d ago

Yeah, but is on a portable though. The positives of this game STRONGLY outweighs the negatives so IMO, this is a GOW of title.

rowdy 13967d ago

This is great to pass the time and it is a great game, but it's only the side dish. The real meal will be here in around a year.

solidt123967d ago

This is the best PSP game created.

BrianC62343967d ago

The reviewer is an idiot. I hate people who do a review like this one. He should forget everything and just review the game and how it plays on the PSP. forget the series exists on the PS2. Forget what is missing from those games. Gamers only care if it's a good God of War game and plays well on the PSP.

Relcom3967d ago

It sure as hell felt like God of War to me. Its on a prtable what do you want?

angel6043967d ago

how can they change the gameplay..its an action game, do they want to turn it into an fps

Thats how gow III is going to be, it worked with dmc4 just add new moves bigger better environments and it'll be great

every time reviewers say a certain game has the same old formula they never key in on what they would like to see to keep it fresh, they just say it so they have something to nag on

Torch3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Y'know: There are just sooo many of them, and some really, really stink.

I've played only the demo (no less than four times), and the last thing I had to remind myself of, was that this is indeed, hands down, most definitely...a great, convincing God of War title.

That said, what did have me keep doing a double-take, was that all that awesomeness was coming from that tiny little PSP cradled in the palm of my hands.

Now if only this friggin' snowstorm subsides, I'll get the motivation to step out and get the real-deal full-blown game.

I wanted this game ever since it's announcement, but that demo's simply got me NEEDING it!

AllroundGamer3967d ago

finished it yesterday (am currently stuck at the fourth challenge), it felt like a datadisk to me, the new weapon was very funny but it looked like a Hellboy ripoff :)

mikeslemonade3967d ago

What a bunch of Microsoft money hats.

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The story is too old to be commented.