Update: Kojima: MGS4 "Theoretically Impossible"

Following widely publicized complaints that the Blu-Ray format has limited development of Metal Gear Solid 4, the game's director, Hideo Kojima, took a moment to clarify his statement.

"It is not a criticism of the Blu-Ray format, but rather of the universe itself."

According to Kojima, it is theoretically impossible to create a game as ambitious as Metal Gear Solid 4. Given recent findings in quantum physics, computer science, and information there, there is simply not enough space, time, or matter in the known Universe to convey his exact ambitions for Metal Gear Solid 4.

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decapitator3930d ago

Good thing Kojima came out and explained this very well. Most people misunderstood what he said in his initial quote.

Violater3930d ago

It's a joke article people, read it and u will realize.

decapitator3930d ago

Nah, i think is good this has been properly explained though. People were mad and hating on Kojima because the man came out and said that. It could have also been the translation.

Violater3930d ago

did u read the whole thing?

decapitator3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Yeah I did read it now, the author have a couple of things wrong but the main point of the article that I think he is trying to emphasize is that, the type of game that Hideo Kojima would like to do is not really possible on consoles..just my IMO, I may have misread it.

cr33ping_death3930d ago

how can you not see this is a lame @ss article?

EZCheez3930d ago

The quotes might be real, but as far as the rest of this goes, it's all a load of crap.

Did the people who approved this actually read it?

decapitator3930d ago

Guys, my fault. Won't happen again. This was my only news I submitted just by looking at the title...:(

General Pinky3930d ago

Can you guys see this..
just like sony he said something and went back on it. What a noob
Here is a example:
Sony says MGS is coming out 2007 but wait its year misunderstand me again

sonarus3929d ago

mgs4 is an incredibly ambitious game and expect kojima will push it to the limits as far as he can. Thats exactly what mgs4 is. a developer pushing a game as far to its limits as possible

ravenguard883929d ago

I love how so many people are taking this seriously...

It's kinda creepy.

Lifendz3929d ago

I think he was subtly giving credit to blu-ray by saying how necessary it is. It means that is blu-ray wasn't enough then DVD was not even close.

Anyone else think the hype machine for this game is crazy? I can't remember the last game that I and everyone else was so hyped for.

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TriggerHappy3930d ago

Kojima san is a visionary. I think for him to fully make a game, a console has to be customized for him to fully use it to the max.

lsujester3929d ago

I think you're mixing up visionary with bats**t crazy. lol

But either way, I love his games.

RecSpec3929d ago

If Kojima would have been born in a different era, he would have been a King, or branded a heretic, not sure which one.

xaphanze3930d ago

I guess using the whole DL blue ray disc means the game will be more than 20 hours which is good.The first two were only 7-8 hours.

decapitator3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

It will be more than the first two games. Ryan, co producer of MGS said in one of the podcasts that, the content of this game and the depth by far makes this the biggest mgs game they have ever made. According to him, they have a ton of things in there that will get you going back for more action in years to come.

EDIT: dude below, read what I wrote careful, I think you misunderstood.

Iamback3930d ago

yeah, you cant finish it for years as you said (roll eyes)

decapitator3930d ago

whoa. Dude I never said that, I said, there are so many content in the game that, you will keep going back to try and unlock everything.

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Spike473930d ago

metal gear solid online.

Which is just a starter pack, I bet Kojima after mgs4 releases will make new maps and will include some content on HOME.

I love the mgs series but I was never really a fan of singleplayer only games. When mgso was introduced I immediately scratched off haze from my "Top games to buy in 2008" and wrote in mgs4.

Junior45653929d ago

that MGO was gonna be downloaded from the PSN or was that the beta? I don't remember but I heard that you had to dl it from the PSN