Grand Theft Auto IV: New Preview from OPM UK + World Exclusive First Review Next Issue

Official PlayStation Magazine UK was released today, it contained a new 14 page preview of GTA IV but htere were no new screenshots in this preview, but there were better resolution versions of screenshots that featured in previous magazines (All Available here) and these extra details.

Francis McReary has criminal relatives

Stay on the right side of Bruce's behaviour and he'll eventually let you use his chopper.

Niko's contacts will call him 24/7, either to offer work or just wanting to
1. meet up and go play pool, darts or bowling
2. go to comedy or strip clubs
3. if it's business , then smuggling contraband to the docks
4. betrayal is never far away.
5. Just get drunk Niko and Roman go into a n ex-pat bar called Comrades and the screen goes black, then Niko and Roman stagger out slurrin g their words and laughing.
6. Getting into the car while drunk is a task and a half, the camera lurches and the controls become hobbled.

If Niko's gets capped, the screen will go black and white, he wakes up at the nearest hospital , wallet lighter but without losing his weapons.

Hold L1 and Niko smashes out the driver's side window with his 9mm, then a crosshair appears, enabling Niko to shoot forwards.

If you fail a mission, you don't have to drive back to the start , instead, your contact will text your mobile asking if you want to try again.

Passengers will suggest listening to the radio rather than talking

Sat Nav system confirmed, a coloured line appears on the mini map guiding Niko to his next objective or a waypoint that you've set on the main map screen. Make a wrong turn and it reacts quickly, redrawing the route without any fuss.

Fanicer cars even have a voice on the sat nav to read out the directions for you.

Missions now auto-save when completed.

Bonus features include Little Jacob letting giving you cut-price weaponary

Other Bonus features include Roman letting you use his taxi service

Playboy X has a penthouse loft in North Alderney.

Brucie's past includes military service and time in prison.

Playboy X's mentor is called Dwayne and he is fresh out of prison.

Niko's mobile can also play music

Hold L2 Button to snap to the nearest bit of cover.

Square Button handles blocking attacks.

Pull the pins out of grenades with L2 Button

Press R2 to drop grenades out of vehicle windows.

One of Niko's targets is called Lyle Rivas, he is at 99 Long Road.

You can punch the address into the GPS and it calculates it for you.

The magazine re-confirms that there are 18 radio stations in GTA IV

NOTE: While in the thread it isn't mentioned, it has been said that there is a coverfold saying that OPM will have the world exclusive first review of the game in their next issue, out April 19th.

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Spike473968d ago

cool thing that when u are drunk you risk crashing.

though you can always get out of the car and steal another one.

Atleast GTA4 teaches not to drink and drive

skynidas3968d ago

I predict a 10/10 to this game....52 days left!!!!!!!!!!!

vloeistof3967d ago

omg this cant come soon enough

SUP3R3967d ago

Impressive features.
I like the GPS system, especially the talking one.
I wonder if it says it like, "turn left on Rogers Rd" or just "make left turn"
Either way, I WANT THIS GAME!!!!

whoelse3967d ago

Very good small additions like mission auto-save, mission restart and not losing your weapons while you die.

Cant wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.