UGO: FIFA Street 3 review

EA Canada's FIFA Street 3, available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is a tough sell to North American audiences. Although the game boasts such impressive bullet-points as "250 of the world's best players" and "18 of the top international teams," it's a safe bet that a significant chunk of gamers here in the States just don't care. Hell, we can't even fall into line as a nation and call the sport "soccer" when to the rest of the world it's "football."

The good news is that FIFA Street 3 is about as accessible as soccer games come. Even those who are unfamiliar with the players and teams can pick up a controller and enjoy the fast-paced, heavily stylized intensity of a pick-up game. That simplicity comes at a price however. FIFA Street 3 is seriously lacking in depth, sporting a core challenge mode which can be bested in less than a day and only a handful of play options beyond that.

Review by Adam Rosenberg

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