Prince of Persia 4 leaked video?

This most probably cellphone-recorded video shows a model supposedly from the upcoming Prince of Persia 4: Ghost of the Past, which was repeatedly rumoured (and unofficially revealed by UbiSoft themselves through an artwork). It's exactly the similiarity to this artwork that may prove this video genuine: notice the arm/glove that Prince has, one that might be distantly inspired by Dark Sector and/or possibly Bionic Commando. And given how the Jerry Bruckheimer's movie is nearing, this may as well really be from the upcoming Prince of Persia videogame..

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Time Lord4973d ago

Why was this even approved.

Montrealien4973d ago

I agree, someone is showing off his homework.

belal4973d ago

cant see a shiit :P

but hope that prince of percia comes soon . loved all 3 of them.

Ridrick4973d ago

I remember at least 5 Prince of Pesia games.

Montrealien4973d ago

Prince of Persia, Prince of Persia 2, Prince of persia 3D, Prince of Persia : The Sands of time, Prince of Persia : Warrior Within, Prince of persia : The two thrones.


I know you wanted to correct him but the fact of the matter is most people today know the ubi Montreal series. Wich is three.

Richdad4973d ago

Because Ubisoft montreal put a terrific redesign to the game and they not only made it superb but also they advertised it well. But I must agree the old POP from Jordan Mechnar where really good but POP 3D was not as appealing as other I played it on DC it was just OK.

vloeistof4973d ago

wonder if its real..

oftopic why cant people make clips like this when se shows.

there trailers for ff xiii and versus .

and still no resistance 2 trailer

Richdad4973d ago

It felt like a promotional ad for a adult movie with prince naked chest, arms and other body parts shown only but anyways movie was low res still it had a artstyle of Ubisoft montreal's POP team.

Skerj4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

Even on that crappy "cell phone" video I can still see that model is way too low res for Ubi's current tastes. Unless they decided to show off the Wii version, but I'm putting this in the hoax list. Why does the Prince look like an Arabian Strider Hiryu in that pic? Actually, if he looks like that and the combat goes back to Warrior Within/A bit of Ninja Gaiden I'd totally be a customer day 0.

Relcom4973d ago

but they need to make a new Strider game

hades074973d ago

Dam right they need to make a new Strider game like Devil May cry 4 except faster and with a huge @ss sword swinging around

Montrealien4973d ago

That is a Capcom franchise, and yes, they need to make another one, lol

jinn4973d ago

im not even gonna bother getting this

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