TotallyPS3 reviews Unreal Tournament 3

There was once a time when porting a successful PC FPS game to a console led to major disappointment. Half Life and Half Life 2 (the latter being the earlier XBOX release, not the new Orange Box) were big disappointments, where they clearly worked much better with a keyboard and mouse and the vastly improved hardware that the PC afforded them...

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Vip3r3972d ago

I'm a huge UT fan and UT3 rocks. It's almost taking over my Warhawk and COD4 obsession.

spandexxking3972d ago

cant believe theres no split screen though:(

Vip3r3972d ago

Yeah I'd like that too but it might be asking too much from the hardware. But then again I could be wrong.

Anyway I just hope Epic release some map packs that include onslught and Assault modes. They were class in UT2004.

St03972d ago

They gave the graphics a 7/10 WTF!!

Vip3r3972d ago

Aye I noticed that too. It's seems retarded to me when Gears was hyped about its graphics yet when you consider that the devs confirmed that UT3 not only looked and played better than gears and has no screentearing a 7 seems to be taking the p!ss imo.

ambientFLIER3972d ago

That's because Gears came out in 2006, and it was more impressive for the time. Also, the PS3 is expected to completely dominate in graphics, which it's not really doing. UT3 looks good, but it should be much better. That's why it got a 7. This isn't any kind of flaming, just an honest response.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3972d ago

By that logic then the 360 version when it comes out would have a higher point for graphics. That would only lead to a biased argument.

You can't use hype for a console as an excuse to lower the point it gets in an area.