COD4 patch ruins the experience

Geekpulp writes about the issues newly caused by the recent patch for people in NZ and Australia: "The call of duty 4 patch has been out for a week now on the Xbox 360 and after the brief excitement of some relatively small changes, I am left wondering what ever happened to that once great game"

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GutZ313970d ago

Still a trainee, but agree all the way.

shelbygt333970d ago

Perhaps I'm the only gamer out there who hasn't noticed the slightest difference in connection quality at all? Plus, the grenade killcam is just too cool.


looking at what was added, compared to what has now been taken away, it was not worth it.

i am happy it came out because if it had not, i would have happily continued playing it and never bother with another game.

now, i just can't wait for vegas and gta....i will quite happily throw cod4 out the first chance i get now.

great game + patch = laggy not so great game.

DRUDOG3970d ago

I haven't been on CoD4 for a few weeks now and wasn't sure if this patch has hit for the PS3. Is this patch ruining the experience for all consoles? Or just the 360? I also assume that you're forced to patch the game to get online? Don't know any game that gives you the option like firmware updates.

Adamalicious3970d ago

It's not out for the PS3 yet.

DRUDOG3969d ago

Thanks, Adam. I didn't think it was out for PS3 yet, but wasn't sure. I hope that patch doesn't fack up the great online play. I rarely had any problems with lag with CoD4.

Havince3970d ago

absolutly ruined the game for me in fairness. more lag and more times when slight glitches means you shoot some1 they warp a bit and kill you

DARK WITNESS3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

lets just hope that infinityward do bring out a fix and pray to the gaming gods that the fix does not break it further but rather fix it.

Nevers3970d ago

i'm tired of unloading on a guy while his back is totally turned only for them to somehow twist around, warp 2-3 ft, then shoot me dead. Kill cam showing me he never had his back turned. Lag in such a deadly game really really really sux.

Nevers3970d ago

I'm done... I just can't take this anymore. When I read that they fixed this sh!t, I'll play CoD4 again. But it's too frustrating seeing one thing while alive and then seeing something totally different in your killer's cam. I'm constantly a 1/2 second behind everybody, which totally ruins everything.

RecSpec3970d ago

People have been whining and complaining for a long time hoping this mythical patch would be the solution to all their problems. And now look what happened.


thats the scary part....

to be honest though, i never had a problem with the way it was before the patch. the only thing they need to sort was the host ending the game just to get an easy win.

if you ask me personally, i don't even want a new patch, just undo the new one ( if thats possible ).

to the guy below..

it is funny that people complain when they loose, and still complain when they win, but if you were refereing to my complaints, well my kill death has just been going up steadily.

i am not saying i am the best, or in the top 100 or anything, but i can hold my corner well. my ratio is above 2.00. if you play on live then you are welcome to send me a friend request and we can get a few games going :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.