Chris Lewis Xbox 360 Video Interview

Head of Xbox in Europe talks to us about market share, soccer exclusivity, and amazingly, the 'next' Xbox...

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eques judicii5898d ago

Microsoft consistently puts people in the spotlight that diserve to be there and can come across as down to earth and knowledgable.

uuuunvnv25898d ago

so far every person they have had talk seems like they would come to your house for a BBQ anytime. I do think that is done on purpose, but eather way its a smart move to have likeable faces talking to people. makes you feel more important as a gamer and not just another consumer.

USMChardcharger5898d ago

i will watch video later (@ work). but it says he talks about the next xbox?

i hope M$ is thinking or planning already. even if the next one is 5yrs or more from coming to be...they have to be ready to go.

it now seems that to be successful, you can't come out later than everyone else.