2008 - The Xbox 360 Litmus Test

Teljam from Geekpulp has a look at the upcoming factors that will see wether the 360 can hold it's lead over the PS3 and if it truely has staying power.

"this year will be definitive for both the 360 and the PS3, but especially the 360. I believe that if the 360 is going to become mass market, it needs to do it this year"

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Sir Ken Kutaragi 33972d ago

it should of gone mass-market last year.
Its to late. PS3 will be the must have console at the end of this year;)

blacsheep3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

the guy who wrote this article was more bias towards the 360 im glad he comfirmed it at the end, atleast he never hid the fact unlike other reviewers out there.

Silver3603972d ago

The article is about the 360. It states that very clearly. The PS3 is only brought up to compare the game line ups. He says nothing bad about Sony's games. So how is this article bias?

cyclindk3972d ago

"The article is about the 360..." It says it's about whether or not the 360 can hold its own against the PS3 for one, and secondly, you don't have to bash the competition to be biased, simply providing a more thorough argument for one side while neglecting the other is enough to be considered biased. Funny how he failed to mention Killzone 2 in his list of up coming titles for the PS3, but he mentions Haze of all things, (though Haze is no slouch either).

Silver3603972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

but It is still about the 360. It is about what the 360 has to offer this year. And whether what it has to offer will sell game consoles. you make it sound like it is an affront to you the PS3 that the 360 has 8 million more machines in the hands of gamers that the PS3. If the article was to go into guesses on how many units of both systems would sell then maybe it would be biased. As it stands right now though the article is just a vehicle for listing what the author thinks are AAA titles that are coming out for the 360. Everything you read isn't about bashing the PS3. Some people need to really lighten up.

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Sir Ken Kutaragi 33972d ago

You can't keep it on for 10 minuets with out getting the Red Ring of Death!!! ;-D
PS3 will rule at the end of this year!!! ;-P

Mr Playboy3972d ago

Take $ony out of your A$$ and you should see the truth

The Killer3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

and with the terrible port of ps3 games, and with high attach rates, and with bad SDK for ps3, and with high price ps3, and with bad media of ps3, and with no games, and with bad playstation network!!! some need more than that to take an advantage??

they just missed their chance!! not its the ps3 chance only!!
wii is in another race!!


i just read the article now! what a bullsh!it bias person is this guy??

he didnt mention

Killzone 2
Resistance 2 (direct competition to gears of war 2)
Final Fantasy 13, versus (which the date is still unsure if it will hit 2008 or early 2009)
motorstorm 2

and others which we didnt hear yet about them!!

NO_PUDding3972d ago

Gears of War 2 is not direct competition for Rfom2 (or vice versa).

They are totally different games, and I also think that it's not goign to be good for GeoW, until we hear that it's SOMEHOW doing 40 player online. Or 4 player co-op.

GeoW was actually a game that gets borign very quickly, and it will get first day sales, and good first reviews, but the reviews that come later, will be baout prolonged playe, and that won't be great.

And as for the GTA IV exclusive content. I cannot believe so many people think it's a deciding factor. It is nothng, it will actually cost money! And it will also not be worth the money they spend, and it isn't even out on release. So effectively you coudl argue that the PS3 is a much better version to get becuase it has sixaxis and rumble support. That's a huge plus. Or if it isn't it's certainly bigger plus than the insignificant 'exclusive content'.

TheMART3972d ago

Well, the 360 will get that mass this year. It's easy.

The 360 only gave away 50 Euro/Dollar in it's first 2 years of it's life cycle. Due to lower costs (65nm CPU, 80nm GPU and soonish that is an ongoing process, plus other parts became cheaper also), Microsoft has more room to move its price then Sony with the PS3 has. The PS3 in EUrope has dropped one third of it's price (200 Euro) on the initial 600 Euro.

Microsoft will drop the price soonish, as rumours go with 50 Euro), which would bring the 360 Premium at the price of 279 to 299 Euro, in the margin for the mass of people (above 300 the mass won't buy so much) and the Arcade even on 199 to 229 Euro, which gets it under the price of the Wii and right into the large mass of people that find a price closer to 200 Euro more attractive.

Sony could try to follow MS's pricecut, but it would be a trap that could be dangerous. Imagine if Sony follows the pricecut and made the PS3 350 Euro (also a 50 Euro cut).

MS could take its next pricecut in fall 2008, just before Christmas, with another 30 to 50 Euro, to get the 360 Premium on 249 Euro. The PS3 won't reach the pricelevel where the mass of people buys, because from 400 to 250 is a another pricecut to large seen the pricecut of just 6 months ago from 600 to 400 Euro.

Sony is forced into its pricecuts, Microsoft can cut the price any time they feel they can catch momentum. And that's the difference between Microsofts & Sony's position really.

I bet MS takes it on with GTAIV launch, being a console that gives the best GTAIV experience, plus at least 100 Euro/Dollar cheaper then its competition. Then in fall/at Christmas they'll get most attention again, with a console that reaches 250 Euro and the upcoming game of the year 2008: Gears of War 2

PirateThom3972d ago

I disagree, Sony are in a much better posistion to undercut the 360 with price cuts.

Microsoft are still a couple of billion down from the disaster that was the XBox and then the 360 repair bills and launch. It's why the price cuts are so meagre and small, when Microsoft says "profit", they have to ignore the billions they've already lost, the 360 is selling well, so they'll want to ride that as much as possible before putting the console back in the red again.

Meanwhile, Sony have had the PS2 and PSP keeping the gaming division going and actually reported profit at the same time as Microsoft did for their gaming division, even though it was just 1 year from the PS3s launch. Those 40GB SKUs are currently making Sony profit because the cost of Blu-ray and Cell Processors and all the other standard components that the PS3 uses have fallen so much.

ikiru33853972d ago

I agree with PirateThom,

seeing as that the PS3 is at a higher price level, they have more incentive for price cuts. Also with the victory for Blu-ray as the de facto standard for HD format, further price cuts will be introduced when mass licensing will follow. MS has no incentive for a price cut since they have set aside $1 Billion for warranties and also since they are making a profit on the software side.

TheMART3972d ago

@ PirateTom

I have to disagree with ya dude

"Sony are in a much better posistion to undercut the 360 with price cuts."

You have to make that one more clear to me.

Sony lost 500 million dollar each quarter of the year since 2005, well into 2007.

Microsoft has a lot of more billions of dollar on the bank then Sony has.

The PS3 did cut its price one third/33% already from 600 Euro/Dollar to 400 Euro/Dollar.

The 360 cut its price only one eight/12.5% if its inital 400 Euro/Dollar price.

The extra 1 billion reserved for repair stuff... Well MS has about 50 billion in the bank. Even the 4 billion they spend on the XBOX 1 doesn't have ANYTHING to do with what pricecuts they'll make on the 360.

Microsoft sees the 360 in the current market situation. They'll take XBOX 1 loss and the extra spendings for repairs to write off on their total capital. Not on recovering that money from income on current 360 sold hardware.

The 360 hardware is sold since the end of 2005, the PS3 hardware has been sold since the end of 2006. I bet the hardware of the 360 already has more price advantages then the PS3 hardware.

PS2/PSP just now, last quarter, have made the game division to be able to keep up the fight with the PS3 losses. Before it couldn't.

Can you give me a link how and how much Sony is making profit on the 40GB PS3's? I haven't seen it yet. I have seen it on the 360 at launch, PS3 at launch both losses and that the 360 last year made 75 dollars profit on each 360. That was on the old 400 Euro/Dollar price though. I bet with new hardware pricedrops, they make about 50 to 75 Dollar on each 350 Euro/Dollar 360 again.

But I bet after initially losses at the end of 2006, that was about 200 to 250 dollar on each 600 Dollar sold PS3, they won't make profit on a 400 Dollar PS3 yet.

I am waiting for your break down accounting of costs and profits.

Greysturm3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Its the age old argument, who can achieve more balanced pricecuts the company that outsorced its production of its system and depends solely on the sywtem for its gaming division or the company that manufactures its own system and is able to reduce production costs faster and whose gaming division is profitable by two of 3 systems . Both can just throw teir weight around from other divisions but speaking solely on their gaming division sony is better posiioned for a price cut.

I believ that it might get the attention you say but it will not be that impressive on gta4 season and it will be quickly lost in the comparable systems lineup (NG and Fable 2 are at best niche titles while mgs4 is gonna break any momentum they manage to create after that it al depends on the compared quality of remaining exclusives for each system. Halo wars is not gonna pull everybody to the 360 because rts are not consoles killer aps however too human and alan wake show promise just as resistance and killzone2 but well have to wait and watch it unfold.) Late year i believe it will belong to the 360 with gears 2 since from my info son isnt releasing anything of that magnitude during that period the only thing that could counter it is final fantasy and no one is expecting it to be ready tgis year.

NO_PUDding3972d ago

But a major point is that Gear of War 2 isn't a system seller.

People who are interested in it, are people who already own 360, and therefore it won't budge many consoles, even with a fantastic advertising campaign. And I often speak to unbiased people (none of my friends are geeky fanboys... maybe one or two) and they won't be getting the PS3 because of the price, but they are always definitely interested in MGS4 or FFXIII or both. So I assume the high price will help the PS3 have slow steady sales. These great titles (one coming later) add future incentive, so people still have stuff to look forward to. 360, after Gears of War 2 is just blank. Maybe Alan Wake, great idea for a game, and I do genuinely wish it were on PS3 but it's no big hit, I would buy it. And Too Human is easily going to be another generic shooter, equal to Lost Planet.

I definitely think prospects and value for money will help PS3 win it this year, as well as brand recognition as the price falls.

HarryEtTubMan3972d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHHA XBOX IS NOT GOING TO BEAT PLAYSTATION YOU BRAINWASHED FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS. Its not even going to be close when its all said and done. Microsft got lucky with their head start and that has been cancelled already. Sony is getting the LEAD SKU's. Sony is winning in sales. Playstation is literally hunderds of times stronger than XFLOP.... that why 85% of the 360 XTARDS on this site will still go buy a PS3 for everything it has and offers and especially its FUTURE. Something the 360 doesnt have hahahahahhahahahahhahaha

PS3 HAS ALREADY WON BOTS. You will see. Sony knows it.

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Mr Playboy3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

after releasing the jasper SKU ( no more RROD) M$ should take the lead from n!ntendo and beat $ony with a baseball bat

plus, huge list and smash hit titles are coming exclusively to the 360 in 2008

Dave20013972d ago

'jasper SKU ( no more RROD)'

I'm sorry but how the hell do you know that wasn't the falcon model supposed to be free from the RROD yet those models still suffer from it and i can see the new jasper suffering from it too.

'huge list and smash hit titles are coming exclusively to the 360 in 2008'

Sure the 360 has some good games coming out this year gears of war 2 is one(i can't wait to get my hands on it when it comes out on PC) but IMO the PS3 has a much better line-up of games this year.

ikiru33853972d ago

I would say that the PS3 has the list of bigger potential bestsellers than 360, imho. Not to say that the 360 isn't up to snuff. it's got a list of good titles also.

Mr Playboy3972d ago

"I'm sorry but how the hell do you know that wasn't the falcon model supposed to be free from the RROD yet those models still suffer"

very easy

the Jasper SKU will use 65nm for the CPU and GPU not like the falcon model, which they used 95nm for the GPU and 65 for the CPU

"(i can't wait to get my hands on it when it comes out on PC)" you have wait one year for GeoW2 instead of buying it in 2008
How sad :(

Dave20013972d ago

'the Jasper SKU will use 65nm for the CPU and GPU not like the falcon model, which they used 95nm for the GPU and 65 for the CPU'

Mark my words even with the 65nm CPU and GPU it'll still suffer the RROD.

' you have wait one year for GeoW2 instead of buying it in 2008
How sad :('

Well to be honest i want to get a 360 for Gears 2 but then the whole RROD thing has put me off of buying one that and i don't think Microsoft have delivered on their promises with the 360.

InMyOpinion3972d ago

The PC version of Gears of War was pure sh!t. It was ported by some other team. Gears was meant to be played on the 360.

heyheyhey3972d ago


the PC version of GeOW run pretty much the same as the 360 version and had new, exclusive content

bish bash bosh, real good nosh

Dave20013972d ago

'Gears was meant to be played on the 360'

Maybe your right or maybe your not and maybe I'd enjoy Gears more on the 360 but i ain't buying one until Microsoft gets of its lazy behind and make sure the newer models won't suffer the RROD if the new Jasper model doesn't suffer from it then I'll glad get one.

InMyOpinion3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

In the case of Gears I didn't think mouse and keyboard worked as good as with a 360 controller. I found it harder to control, although I usually prefer keyboard+mouse. That's my experience of it. Getting a 360 controller for PC might solve it.

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Expy3972d ago

That article is skewed to one side, it's obvious which one.

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