1UP: Viking: Battle For Asgard Preview

1UP writes: "Our first look of Viking: Battle for Asgard a few weeks ago didn't allow us the opportunity to actually control the main protagonist, Skarin. He has a number of abilities -- summoning dragons, gathering troops -- to use against Hel's army of the undead, but with only three weeks before Viking hits stores, we were disappointed when our recent hands-on time with the game revealed the hero's inability to focus on one enemy at a time (unless throwing a projectile).

Skarin can block attacks but he can't run away from a fight, even if health begins to get too low, since he lacks the ability to sprint short distances -- a minor inconvenience when you need to run everywhere in the game until you locate the teleportation leystones. In order to survive an encounter, you'll have to fight your way out."

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