1UP: Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Xbox 360 Review

1UP writes: Years ago it was common to walk into an arcade, find your favorite machine, and then walk out $2 poorer in a matter of minutes. Created to make money, arcade games are difficult by design. Surprisingly, they're still fun even when your lunch money isn't on the line. Enter , an arcade throwback that combines a brutal scrolling shooter with RPG elements that work only because you're on a couch and not at Dave & Buster's.

Rocketmen is an isometric scrolling shooter where you move with one stick and shoot with the other, à la Geometry Wars. As with Bizarre Creations' game, this sounds simple, but involves a surprising amount of strategy.

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I clicked on the Frontline article , read and then post a comment.. then this link turn into a rocketman article !!!

what the hell is going on here ?!!!?!?!?

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realized it was dupe, changed the story...sorry.