Al Alcorn - The Father of Gaming

While at the ACMI Game On launch, PALGN had the rare opportunity to catch up with a man who is arguably the father of modern gaming, Al Alcorn.

As the creator of Pong, an original boardmember of Atari, the hirer (i.e., former employer) of Steve Jobs, and colleague of Nolan Bushnell and Steve Wozniak, Al Alcorn was literally there as it all happened.

Originally (and unknowingly) given the specifications for Pong by Bushnell as a training project, Alcorn managed to create one of the biggest gaming memes in existence, get sued in the process, and help create one of the most recognised brands in games. He went on to lead Atari's Research and Development field, later working at Apple and going on to create the standard technology behind electronic slot machines.

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