Tons Of New PS3 Game Videos

Breath-taking new videos from several PS3 exclusive titles, including Resistance - Fall of Man, Lair and Motorstorm.

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THAMMER16262d ago

I'm always left feeling like I want more. I'm just not impressed at all. But Motostorm looks great but dose not seem complete with out rumble.

I promise every time I look at any PS3 footage I want to see some thing that changes my mind but it never happens.

If I piss off any Sony fan boys just click the disagree button and you save your self from trying to convince me I'm wrong to feel like the PS3 is boring.

OutLaw6262d ago

I agree with you a 100%, it does make you feel like you should get more out of the system. But then I see a game like MotorStorm which makes me say "Now that's a F*ckin great game." I look forward to seeing what the PS3 could actually do and I'm hoping it won't disappoint.

Retard6262d ago

I don't see why so many people are ranting over Genji/Lair... Those don't impress me.

MotorStorm and Resistance look like fun... Looks like someof my friends and I would enjoy it.

I mean Yeah, they don't make me go "HERES 600$ !!!"

But me and my Xbox 360 have had fun. But Blu-Ray seems it's going to be worth it. Oblivion could add all of those extra actors (instead of the usual 5?)

DJ6262d ago

Considering the rate that Motorstorm and Resistance have been jumping in terms of visual and gameplay quality, Lair will definitely improve. I think it's imperative however that Factor 5 do away with the targeting system and fireballs. Instead they should aim to make the game feel exactly like the target trailer and focus on physical combat between the dragons and humans.

Resistance looks amazing as always.
Genji looks passable.
Motorstorm's still kicking ass.
The flight footage of Warhawk looks really majestic, but I think they really need to bump up the ground combat and visuals a bit. It's not coming out till Summer '07 so they still have time.

LAWMAN6262d ago

You are all ripping on games that you have not seen in high def, have never played, have not even seen played on screen in real time. And these games are for a system that you hate, don't own, and will never own. I can smell the fanboyism.

Just like many 360 games (like Dead Rising for instance) look like crap until you play it. Don't even try to tell me that Dead Rising has anything close to next gen graphics. But it doesn't really matter does it? It plays well and it's fun. Lair looks better than many of the 360 games I own but I don't care that much about it. I really care about how well it plays.

Gears may look awesome, but I don't care how good it looks if it has a lot of framerate issues - not saying it does, I'm just saying that I'm holding back my "Oh my God Gears is the best game ever because it just looks cool and I'm a fanboy that loves to pass judgment on everything I see and before I actually play."

Wow, the 360 fanboys are the worst crowd because they really love to pass judgment on a system that isn't even released. They really love to pass judgment on something that they will probably never even try. . . WOW

JIN KAZAMA6262d ago

"Gears, Lost Planet, COD3, Too Human, Mass Effect, Huxley, Forza 2, Fable 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars "
Not ONE game that he mentioned has been released. He did not MENTION ONE game thats already out, just some far off future games with the exception of GOW. Which comes out a full year after the launch of the 360. Thats just pathetic.
Just imagine the games of PS3 a year from now, get over it people, the PS3 is gonna kill 360.
Thats why MS is practically giving the 360's away.
Blu-Ray, PS3 will own the market.

eques judicii6262d ago

jin, please be kind... dead rising, Graw, fight night, oblivion, cod2, geometry wars, prey, and splinter cell:da are all great games as well...

And also remember that NO ps3 game is out yet... and the games he listed are not that far off... GOW is next month along with COD 3 and lost planet is coming in January, forza 2 in february... so they are coming soon.

So please, think before you post... its a shame that you don't.

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Mikey_Gee6262d ago (Edited 6262d ago )

I thought it was still coming on NOV 11th.

That is what my EB tells me !!

Oh well, as much as it would suck, I would rather wait a bit and have it at 110% rather than a game I am pissed off at because of what it COULD HAVE BEEN.

I am glad Oblivion was delayed ... it only proves my point that waiting a bit longer is not a bad thing.

Waiting almost and extra YEAR for something ... well .... not so happy with that