VGChartz: NPD February Preview

NPD will report sales for retail February on March 13, 2008 at about 6:30 pm EST. The release will cover videogame sales for February 3rd 2008 to March 1st 2008 in the USA. Vgchartz data for the four week period is already available, but it includes data for Canada and other smaller markets. Our expectations for February include:

- Devil May Cry 4 was the top selling game. Adding sales from the Xbox 360 version to the PS3 version, the game sold over 1 million copies in four weeks in the Americas.

- There was a much larger spread this month between top selling and worst selling platform.

- PS3 outsold Xbox 360 and Wii for two weeks this month, but it was outsold over the course of the month by both platforms.

- Wii shipments overwhelmingly came in two weeks – the last week of the period, and the first week of the period. During those two weeks, Wii sold over 215,000/week, but during the two other weeks, sales were just under 70,000/week.

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HarryEtTubMan3969d ago

I bet PS3 outsells the 360 in February again..... who wants to make a bet?

creeping judas3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I'll take your bet!!!

"PS3 outsold Xbox 360 and Wii for two weeks this month, but it was outsold over the course of the month by both platforms."

rofldings3968d ago

These aren't official numbers, so you still have time to make a bet :P

jwatt3969d ago

I think since vg charts was off so bad last time I think this time they will try to be a little more accurate. We will have to wait and see.

tidus0073968d ago

Last Jan VG deflated X360 sales by 80k

downgraded PS3 sales by 40k

VG hasnt still fixed THEIR FIGURES for JAN

I am 100% sure that PS3 outsold x360 by ATLEAST 100k in February

WE WILL FIND OUT on the 13th

I hope VGCRAP would be banned after 13th at N4G

blynx1823968d ago

It's the calm before the smash people

Lifendz3968d ago

Surprised PS3 would outsell both for two weeks and still finish in the third.

NPD numbers are sorta "meh" for me right now. The only time I'll resume interest in this is when GTA IV drops. I'm curious to see which system the game sells the most on and which system benefits the most.

mikeslemonade3968d ago

Worldwide PS3 beats 360 again!

Alcaponeyou3968d ago

they only talk about USA sales, hahahahahahahaha they are afraid of the real world pwnage of the almighty PS3

tidus0073968d ago

It is ONLY that VGCRAP is showing something ELSE

VGCRAP will be banned from N4G after 13th FEB hopefully

as always they might have deflated x360 sales by 100,000 units. Vice versa for PS3 sales

13th FEBRUARY ---> NPD

Doomsday for VGCRAP

tidus0073968d ago

DO u honestly even believe that VGCRAP figures?

Remember what they did in JANUARY ( deflated x360 sales by 100k)

There is no way x360 could rebound after HD DVD 's demise and MGS4 revelation.

wait for NPD

13th February ---> doomsday for VGCRAP and X3FIX ME

darkshiz3968d ago

VGcharts bullshit way to much.

power of Green 3968d ago

Yet you people claim its good enough to know PS3 beats the 360 worldwide. *Laughing*...

darkshiz3968d ago

Whatever Bill Gate's little btch.

Bathyj3968d ago

Green with Envy, are you saying PS3 HASN't outsold Xbox for you last. how long? 1/3 of a year?

tidus0073968d ago

just wait for NPD

On the 13th we will lay both XFIX ME and VGCRAP to REST

in terms of worldwide sales X360 is the least in US/JAPAN/EU (completely dead in EU and JAPAN)

mikeslemonade3968d ago

I can give a crap if PS3 sold zero in the U.S. and still beat 360 worldwide.

captainjy3968d ago

It's funny how when the numbers go against you, VGChartz is crap, but when they show the POS3 selling more than the 360, these numbers are dead on. Come on man, the 360 is still outselling your crappy movie machine, face it.

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