New "Age of Conan" FAQ

Funcom has released the latest FAQ for their upcoming MMORPG, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures:

"It's said that FAQs heave themselves from the dark places of the Earth and return to terrorize the surface world every few years.

The time is upon us once again.

The stars are right and the FAQ is nigh, covering such popular questions as:

• What kind of PC do I need to run Age of Conan?
• Will player-made items be better than dropped items?
• How many people can play on each server?

While we're under no illusions that this will settle all the debates out there, it will give you a place to start and a handy reference. You'll find the new FAQ here.

We hope you enjoy."

The FAQ contains 15 sections:

1. General
2. Real Combat
3. PvP and Siege Combat
4. Classes and Feats
5. Races
6. The single player experience
7. Magic
8. Quests
9. Guild
10. Crafting
11. Technology
12. Equipment
13. City Building, Player Cities, and Defense
14. Gameworld
15. Conan Lore

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