Europe to suffer another PS3 delay?

Spanish gaming site MeriStation is reporting that Ken Kutaragi recently admitted that supply problems for Japan and North America could force the European PS3 launch to be delayed until May -- which would mean that Japanese and American consumers might have their systems nearly six months before the eager gamers in the rest of the world. Now keep in mind that Kutaragi also supposedly said that Sony has not modified its European launch plans at this time, so right now we're only looking at a "what if" scenario.

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specialguest6347d ago

hahhah this is too funny! as hardcore of a Sony fanboy anyone can be, sometimes you just gotta stop and wonder..WTF is going on?!? only IF this comes true though.

Marty McFly will surely be in cloud-9 when this day comes.

Maddens Raiders6347d ago

I'm actually starting to feel bad for the old chaps.....(Euros...and Sony). Damn. May '07 for 'ol UK? I sure am glad I pre-ordered. Finding blue diodes should have been the #1 FOCUS for Sony from the moment the P3 was announced, period. Man, this was a BIG mistake Sony made by not heavily (overstocking) investing in that sector as soon as the P3 was born. As much as I like them, it saddens my heart to see them getting hit like this. Could it really be? The shadow of the coLLosus coming down...the shadow getting longer, and longer....in Slo-Mo. Say it ain't so - ny. But, didn't we already see this coming?:


Where are you Shuji Nakamura..!?! Sony needs to get Christian Slater to hunt him down like in that movie Pursued. !!WTF?? - Butter up to Nichia!!!
European bros., I really feel for you guys if the yields aren't up soon and this is really true....sheeesh. All I can say is that I'm glad Sony knows that Europeans are more rEElaxed than us zany, A.D.D.'d Americans. I know they've got ballz and all, but if they pulled anything remotely close to this crap in the States...they would commit fiscal suicide(..and I'd still b*tch, moan, wait, and buy it). o_O

Captain Tuttle6347d ago

They've probably lost Europe for good.

highps36347d ago

Yea I agree, Im just like WTF? Better not be true! Although at this point i wouldnt be surprised.

TheXgamerLive6347d ago

Both japan and the U.S. will suffer delays yet as well. It could happen, but for sony's sake I hope they don't. To over promise and under deliver, isn't a good thing. i'd of rather come out earlier like say last summer and said we may not ship out to U.S. and Japan until march'07, then to look bad like they have.
But maybe this won't happen, especially since a couple retailers become bold and presold some consoles.

HyperBear6347d ago

Im not a fanboy of any kind, and I am looking forward to getting the PS3 on Nov.17(IF..), but just reading this and thinking what Sony has done as far as their reputation goes, this could be true. However I highly doubt that will happen, cause Sony has even said they are way under full production, and will have at least 1mill for Europe by March 07' and I havent heard anything bad about production as of yet, so it seems like everything is in order, except for the fact that instead of 2 mill, it half a mill consoles. That is still bothering me that I have to run around for this thing now, and cant just walk into a store and pick it up. But oh well, thats how gaming goes, and im not complaining