Sony tests digital copies on DVD releases

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is taking an experimental approach to embedding digital copies of its movies on DVD, including offering a half-dozen catalog titles exclusively through Wal-Mart and two DVD premieres to the entire market.

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Lord Anubis3969d ago

yeah its kind of old now, Fox is doing it too. It has to do with something that Microsoft requested back in the days. A version to run in a home network.

TrevorPhillips3969d ago

why would they do that anyways

puki3969d ago

what's the quality like?, file sizes?

Lumbo3969d ago

psp videos are around 1-2 gig normally (on UMD)

gta_cb3969d ago

well you can download a 700MB movie which can be DVD quality

gta_cb3968d ago

obviously you have never heard of an uploader named "axxo" stop disagreeing with facts.

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The story is too old to be commented.