WorthPlaying Preview - Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens

In Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens players take control of the witty sorcerer during his new quest in the Magic World. In this point and click adventure the story unravels when Simon travels around and interacts with dozens of characters, solves puzzles and brings order to the chaos his double has caused.

Set some years after his last experiments in 3-D, Simon the Sorcerer 4 begins as Simon is knocked unconscious by a TV remote hurled at him by his bratty brother. While his lights are out, he has a dream in which his alter-dimension girlfriend, Alix, pleads for his heroic assistance. Returning from his remote control-induced head trauma, he wastes no time using his energy drink-powered wardrobe to hop dimensions to the Magic Kingdom, where he is unceremoniously dumped by Alix and discovers that a doppelganger "Simon" has been impersonating him and creating all sorts of chaos. This is where you come in, undoing the mess left by your double and thwarting a conspiracy that threatens the kingdom and re-getting the girl.

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