The Biggest Problem Facing the Industry? Lack of Senior Talent

While attempting to draw up a list of things he enjoyed most about GDC week, Alex Petraglia of Primotech came to the realization that overhearing others' conversations ranked pretty high.

Sometimes these moments would result in extreme humor (or horror), as was the case with one overzealous gentlemen who proclaimed a tad too loudly "It wouldn't be the first time I traded sex for food!"

Other times, he'd catch wind of a noteworthy piece of information that brought to focus some of the major issues the industry currently faces.

Case in point: While waiting for one conference to begin, Alex overheard an upper-level developer from a team which released one of the most highly criticized PlayStation 3 titles of 2007 say that his team was having a serious problem hiring developers with experience.

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Mr Playboy3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Thanx to EA and their dump strategy, they already killed many talented dev, unfortunately,westwood was one of the victims :(

here is more

I just hope T2 stay independent

GODofDOOMS3970d ago

if they want they can hire me im good to go

jinn3970d ago

lack of offline capabilities