Chinese hackers: No site is safe

They operate from a bare apartment on a Chinese island. They are intelligent 20-somethings who seem harmless. But they are hard-core hackers who claim to have gained access to the world's most sensitive sites, including the Pentagon.

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RecSpec3967d ago

They can't hear you, they are too busy reading your personal email.

Johnny Blaze3967d ago

@ 1
Your telling them to get a life all the while your sitting in front of your PC replying....

Pot calling the kettle black....

They would rather spend there life hacking and you would rather spending your life posting that people should get a life...

I have no life thts why I am replying :)

Suki033967d ago

They are getting paid.

jinn3967d ago

well they do make everything

Strife Lives3967d ago

They need to get a girlfriend,more than they need to get a life,bt dnt worry.we can bust them and have them arrested ! Im sure they left personal info on or any other dating site lmao.

Armyless3967d ago

I love Chinese culture, I hate the Iron Curtain.

season0073967d ago

and i wouldn't be surprised that this is a make-up from cnn either....hey they are chinese hackers hired by government and you can make them speak for cnn? literally impossible

RecSpec3967d ago

Good point, if everything in this article is true, and they are working for a government, they are no longer hackers, they are dead men.

Junior45653967d ago

They won't be alive for too long especially if they claim to get into the Pentagon but this story sounds fake cause who in their right minds will talk about this to CNN? It likes waving a flag in war that says "You won't believe what we know Bomb US!!"

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