Trixie interviews Dan Greenawalt about Forza 2

TriXie and VideoMonkey took a short trip across the Xbox HQ parking lot to visit Turn 10, a.k.a. "those dudes who are making Forza Motorsport 2." They managed to pin down busy lead game designer Dan Greenawalt for a few minutes to talk about the new game.


The Outfit - Underrated Experimental Gameplay at its Finest

The Outfit: Destruction on Demand launched soon after the Xbox 360 console itself, and deserves another chance to shine.

zacly5h ago

I thought I was the only one


The 7 Best Final Fantasy Characters: Unveiling the Legends

While FFVII ranks highly, there's more to the series than one game. Here's Chit Hot's picks for the seven best Final Fantasy characters.


"System Shock Pinball" for "Pinball M" And "Pinball FX" Review \\ paulsemel

With "System Shock Pinball," the good people at Zen Studios are paying homage to this iconic sci-fi shooter by making a virtual pinball table that's as fun for fans as it is for pin head.

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rpad1d ago

wish it had a cameo by The Shocker from the Spider-Man comics

beerhound1d ago

Or had used that song "State Of Shock" by The Jacksons and Mick Jagger.