Gamestop Will Began Taking Pre-oders for the Wii Tomorrow, October 13

According to The Wiire and an e-mail sent out to people signed up for the Wii preorder newsletter, Gamestop will begin taking preorders for the Wii tomorrow, October 13th.

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FireAss4ssin5899d ago

I called my local gamestop today and I asked how manyy were getting in and they only said 16 :( But then I called my local ebgames and they said they were getting 30. So hopefully I will be able to get on tomorrow for launch.

eepiccolo5898d ago

Wow, at least your places gave definite answers. Both the EB and GS here wouldn't say how many they had. In fact, the EB was acting like they had no idea about the preorder, and only knew about it from people calling and asking about it. So I avoided the stupidity at EB and went to GS at 7AM. So it was a 3 hour wait but I was the first in line. Some other people actually showed up right after I did. And at 9:30, half an hour before the opened, they sent everyone in line past the 14th person home, so evidently they only had 14 available. And I've got mine, woo hoo! That was worth half a day of leave.

Marriot VP5899d ago (Edited 5899d ago )

Sorry but I already have a Wii. And I'm not dissapointed with it.

It gets great reviews....hahaha

ChickeyCantor5898d ago

paul are you done bashing the wii?
you are such an idiot!