Viking: Battle for Asgard preview from GameSpy

From the preview:

"We just finished up a play session with Viking: Battle for Asgard and, wow, this game is brutally violent... but it's also got loads of other features that we love, so it's safe to say that we're pretty well sold on the title. Ostensibly a hack 'n slasher, Viking looks like it could easily surpass many games of the same genre thanks to one key difference: everything in the game feels like it has genuine weight to it, which is exceptionally important in a game about brawny Viking warlords."

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eddierivera3969d ago

I wont buy this if it isnt better than oblivion. I know they are both different genres, but they are almost the same with magic and hackn slash. If it isnt par with oblivion, then it wont be worth spending my easy earned cash on this crap, I would rather waste it on something else.