Do You Care? - Achievement Points

"So," he said in an obvious gesture to inspire reader feedback, "how about you, do you still care about points? Do you keep a close eye on the points totals of your friends? Or you totally over it now?" By

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tony3967d ago

of course. it does it for me.

princejb1343967d ago

i think its worthless
just numbers going u
its like a math game the more you study the higher and better its gonna get

Sayai jin3966d ago

It does for some people and its your opinion that it does not many anything for you, I can respect that. Wht console(s) do you own? Whats your gamertag and what zone do you fall under on XBL?

Ru3967d ago

I have grown attached to them
They also influenced me play a few games I might not have if not for the achievement points!

MERLIN5403967d ago

in order to pass all the achievements i have to change up the way i play the game. i like this becouse it forces me to experiance a differant way of playing that i would not have tryed otherwise .

Silver3603967d ago

I love RPG's but once through is enough for me as I take my take usually 50 to 100 hours. Achievements make me want to play them a second time. Do I care that I am not at the top of the pile? No! Do I care that I have a respectable score? Yeah! Will I play a crappy game for points? Nah!

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The story is too old to be commented.