Interview with God of War: Chains of Olympus Composor Gerald Marino; Talks about Chains of Olympus, GoW 3 and more

Music4games writes: Gerard Marino is most noted as the principal composer of Sony PlayStation's God of War I and II, the first of which which won the Interactive Academy Award for Best Score, as well as the Game Audio Network Guild's "Music Of The Year" Award. Marino's orchestral suite of his God of War themes has been performed by world class orchestras on 6 continents including the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl and the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center. He has also contributed music to such game titles as Fantastic 4, The Punisher, and 187: Ride Or Die. Most recently he scored God of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP and Jayson Napolitano caught up with the composer at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to score this exclusive interview and find out more about the main man behind the bombastic music of Kratos.

M4G: The last question. We've already touched on this, but you're currently working on a big MMO project. Other than this project, which sounds big, is there anything else you're going to be working on that you can talk about, or is that going to be your main focus in 2008?

Gerard Marino: Well, [the MMO] is going to take a few months, but there are rumors that we're going to get started on God of War III in a couple months. God of War III has been half-way announced by Sony, so I know that's going to happen eventually. I did just finish a Chinese-language State Farm auto commercial.

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