The 1UP Show: God of War: Chains of Olympus, Line Rider, Army of Two

1UP's Matt Chandronait writes:

"Matt Leone and I both agree that the PSP has just experienced its first 'PS2 quality' release with God of War: Chains of Olympus. It's nearly flawless, in some ways perhaps even topping its PlayStation 2 siblings.

Almost a year ago, we interviewed Bostjan Cadez, the creator of the insanely clever Flash game Line Rider. Now, we finally have new and exclusive footage of the improved versions coming to PC, Wii, and DS. Jason Bertrand and Matt L. get in touch with their inner sled-riding-stick-figure-boy.

Finally, after a different sort of rollercoaster ride, Army of Two has a lot to live up to. Gamers everywhere are hoping for a real evolution in the coop experience. Sam Kennedy, Ryan O'Donnell and I talk about its successes and failures. Hope you enjoy the show!"

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Lifendz3967d ago

but between DMC4, Patapon, and FFXII I just don't have the time.

I know I'll have to catch up on GOW at some point before the PS3 version drops because...I've never played a GOW game.

*Runs for the hills*

My excuse is that I was in the service and didn't have the chance to play games in the field.

Amp3966d ago

lol, you know these guys here, i see. you are in for a great time, enjoy and bubbs

Asurastrike3967d ago

What's gonna happen to this show now that Ziff Davis is backrupt?

Iamback3966d ago

Brain Intihar or what ever his name is (guy that is every week on 1up yours) is living 1UP to work for Insomniac as community manager.

solidt123966d ago

I stopped playing all console games for God of War Chains. It is the best game ever made on the PSP. If you don't have it you must go out and buy it. I love this game. Dust off your PSP and get this game.

protekjv3966d ago

but my psp never had "dust" in the first place :P

protekjv3966d ago

I just watch the GoW:CoO video.