Xbox Live Service Maintenance (October 17)

Xbox Live, Xbox.com and the Xbox forums will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on October 17th (next week.) Full details on Xbox.com BTW:When the service come back, you will not have a dashboard update. That will happen later this Fall.

calderra6259d ago

1080p? HD-DVD support? Digital out options for HDMI cables? Anti-hack firmware upgrades? Oh good lord I can't wait. Heh.

uuuunvnv26259d ago

just as long as its up on the 18th so i can take splinter cell DA online to snap some next gen necks. gamer tag "uuuunvnv" for all who want there necks broke

eques judicii6258d ago

heck yea! i love splinter... trying to play through all three before DA comes out!

USMChardcharger6258d ago

here is how good splinter cell chaos theory is...i am currently playing through it for the sixth time!

there has been maybe three games that i have ever played through twice.

it just never gets old...what a game


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phoenixwing21h ago

I beat them all with my fists and no hits were taken. What do you mean you don't believe me? I used a guitar hero controller!!!

qalpha17h ago

I used the Jungle Beat Bongos from my Gamecube

The_Hooligan11h ago

I just made my character look like Chuck Norris.

qalpha17h ago

All the bosses are only from Dark Souls. No Bloodborne, Sekiro, Elden Ring, or Demon Souls


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