Microsoft: No Delay for Windows Vista SP1 ; Arriving Mid March

Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) Corp. clarified earlier statements and said that the release for Windows Vista SP1 release has not delayed, according to a company blog posting.

"Apparently this (earlier) post has created some confusion, which was the opposite of my intent," wrote Microsoft Vista product manager Nick White in a blog posting. "Aside from our having accelerated SP1 availability to MSDN/TechNet subscribers and volume licensing customers, there has been no change in the release."

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decapitator3970d ago

Seriously does anyone care ? I will wait to see reports before EVER thinking about getting vista. So far, am not impressed with what I have been hearing with the initial release.

InYourMom3970d ago

works great and I plan on updating to SP1 once it's released.

Why even comment if you don't care? Or even submit the news story?

Charlie26883970d ago

I am gonna wait till there is more testing with SP1 before even thinking about installing since if we are to believe the early reports its not all pros but there are several cons -_-

Gabe3233970d ago

Been running Vista since it was released with no problems.

Also running SP1 since the RTM was released with no problems.

Up to date hardware and software is your friend.

resistance1003970d ago

Been running Vista for about 8months and i will say one thing, i hate it. Well hate is a bit strong, but its putting me off windows thats for sure.

It has many pointless features which cause my computer to slow down alot, it crashes at least once a day, plus some of my old drivers won't work.

The moment i see a Mac with a blu-ray drive in for a decent price, im buying

season0073970d ago

you guys will hate it too
pointless to run vista unless your computer is capable of