PX360: Commanders: Attack of the Genos Review

Someone forgot to tell the developers that it is ok to give a turn-based strategy game personality. In keeping with the fifties setting, the soundtrack sounds like ragtime funk composed on a Commodore 64. The blippy music sounds cheap, rather than cool.

The sound effects all sound fairly tired at this point, and since there is no voice work, there is little reason to leave the volume up when playing the game. Perhaps worse, the writing never gets funny or serious, choosing instead to tread a bland line between the two. Despite its setting, the game has very little going for it to keep you interested and entertained.

Gameplay - 6.0
Graphics - 6.5
Sound - 4.5
Replay - 5.0
Controls - 6.0
Liveplay - 5.0
Overall -

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