EA Discusses Mirror's Edge Sickness Concerns, Lack Of Color Green

Last month at GDC, EA hosted an event showcasing DICE's work, which included a live demonstration of Mirror's Edge. The sight of the game's heroine running through a stark, gleaming city, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, taking enemies out with her hands, was impressive. Seeing it all in first-person was exciting. But, watching what it looks like when she tumbles forward into a roll and the game stays in first person was… disconcerting.

MTV Multiplayer wondered if presenting parkour in first-person might be asking for trouble:
- Is this game going to make us all sick?
- In the era of Assassin's Creed, what's the point of having a parkour game played from a Halo perspective?
- Where did the color green go?

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Bazookajoe_833973d ago

Third person = you control someone, first person = you are the person.

Douche3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

You know what, if you seriously were to get motion sickness playing a game, and I mean seriously, you have know business playing video games. They already have health concerns labeled on games such as, "staring at the screen long enough can lead to seizures" or w/e. I don't know about you guys, but to this day, I have yet to have a seizure.

I, personally, love the idea of staying in 1st person while tumbling. I hated in games like GRAW 2 where the camera stays in position yet your character rolls over or tumbles. It looks weird, and is kinda gay. These people's questions are retarded. The era of Assassin's Creed? The Halo perspective? Are you kidding me? Is that what they've just started calling it??? When someone calls first person some gay fad like a Halo perspective, you know for a fact that they don't know jack about gaming.

And there isn't any green in the game??? Oh noooo! Stupid people usually ask even more stupid and insignificant questions. It's people like this that can, alone, disprove evolution. God just made some dumb people is all.

JoelR3973d ago

Simulation Sickness is something I experience quite drastically(COD4, Battlefield 2 etc all make me really quite sick)so I am glad to see that they are taking that into account.
That said... I will try it before I buy it as I have heard other developers say they have fixed it and yet it still affects me.

(wierdest was the change in motion they did in SWG - one day I was fine... then they changed how your avatar moved ... and then I was not)

Douche3972d ago

This person would probably get sick playing Pong. lol

JoelR3972d ago

Not kidding, It is something that affects a small percentage of the worlds population - just because it doesn't affect you doesn't mean it doesn't affect others.

(wonders how people can disagree with the idea that someone gets sick from the motion while playing games - points to the disagrees Oo)

tony3973d ago

is different, which is good. they should stay with the original plan, first person view.

d3l33t3973d ago

MTV sucks at picking my music, i'll be damned if they pick my games too

harv0523973d ago

No game has made me sick yet.......This would be welcome, kind of like a new step: games that make you puke...

cartman3133972d ago

Do a bunch of barrel rolls in Burnout Paradise. Make sure you're in first person. Also, do it for 30 or so mins lol. That was the first time I ever got sick from a game. :(

Bazookajoe_833972d ago

Dont know if you tried it, but that game makes me kinda dizzy. The character moves a little up and down for every step he takes, atlest more than in other games..

InMyOpinion3972d ago

Geometry Wars and Ikaruga will make you dizzy =)

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