100 things people are saying about Windows Vista

Microsoft's web site offers us "100 Reasons You'll Be Speechless" over Windows Vista. Quoth the copy: "Using Windows Vista for the first time may leave you searching for words".

Vista 100 Reasons Er, yes... searching for words, and finding them. After the initial shocked silence, Vista users (and refusers) are anything but speechless. They're speaking loudly, and speaking lots. Saying far more than Microsoft would like them to. Saying things to make even a Ballmer cringe. Vista has struck them downright loquacious. In fact, Vista users are rediscovering words they thought Mom had washed out with that bar of Ivory so long ago.

Think we're being snarky and making that up? Nope. Let's listen in to 100 things people are really saying about Vista, shall we? (A warning: it gets rough in there...)

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Silellak3967d ago

I ordered a new PC with Vista in January.

It wasn't awful. I liked a few of the new features. But I couldn't really understand where 5 years and billions of dollars had gone.

I guess it says a lot that I'm running XP right now.

ArmrdChaos3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

I'm sure that A LOT of that money went into the BS DRM that you can't see. =[

MS is going to learn their lesson the hard way...should never have gotten in bed with the A$$hats of RIAA and MPAA. They all need to spend less time labeling ordinary people criminals and spend more time on an actual model that works...but alas that would take time and effort to which the greedy can't afford either of.

season0073967d ago

it's good, what's bad about it?
i don't know, i like the search function a lot, its smooth and i enjoy the dreamscene with the balls running....

i agree that i dunno where the couple billions has gone but i really don't see its all that bad...

maybe it is just trendy to say vista sucks....

vista was one of the worst tech product in 2007? o well i am sure i've read somewhere that PS3 was worst for 2006 too...well its not all that bad now, and i think same will go for vista...i mean yea nothing is perfect and corps like sony and microsoft can do some crazy bets on things...but things will catch up eventually...that's all i can say...

maybe they expect the AVERAGE system to be faster than it was in 2007, you know? devs have to predict what the hardware will be when they design a software..for a OS like windows it takes couple years and it is extremely difficult to predict hardware of say 5 years later...well they actually got it pretty close becoz within an year the hardware catch up and most new PCs now are ACTUALLY capable of running vista...

so yea i don't consider it failure, just a false prediction...or they aim it to stay shorter than XP but still a long time say 5+ years

xplosneer3967d ago

If you have a good enough rig then this doesn't matter.
But if you are thinking of upgrading of Vista with anything less then a 2.3Ghz dual core, get out now.

Harry1903967d ago

got a top notch pc running vista.
not really breathtaking i dare say.

Lord Anubis3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

this is what vista was suppose to be

and this is what Vista turned out to be

GutZ313967d ago

Vista? more like Piss'ta.
I'm so clever:D

Really though, Vista is a complete failure in my book. Windows XP is by far 400% better then Vista in terms of performance and over all driver support.

I will never go to vista after trying it on my $5.4k(year old now) gaming rig and got speeds worse then a $100 piece of crap box top PC.

eagle213967d ago

And this was after 3

Frnicatr3967d ago

Your mom calls you babe.

grilledgorlupa83967d ago

One of my very good friends who is mother always told me that no matter how old you are moms will always see you as their baby.

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The story is too old to be commented.