Pachter: 20GB Xbox 360 No Longer Sufficient

Speaking to GameDaily BIZ, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter said that Microsoft's 20GB HDD is no longer sufficient and they need to go bigger than the rumored 60GB.

"I think the console [manufacturers] all misjudged the quantity of downloadable content and the opportunity to actually download meaningful content, and so what sounded like a good idea in 2003 or 2004 in the design stage with the 20GB hard drive on the 360 was just not sufficient. Frankly, the surprise to me is that the new SKU is [purportedly] 60GB," he said. "I mean, I would think they'd introduce a 200GB or 500GB and eliminate the 20GB and make the 120GB the standard cheapie one".

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HarryEtTubMan3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

News flash in: Patcher now says that the Xbox 360 in general is no longer sufficent or relevant. ALL BOTS GOT OWNED HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHH AHHAA and continue to on a dialy basis.

Xbox 360 is getting owned worse than the PS3 was last year hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahah and PS3 and Blu Ray are gonna be here for a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time BOTS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH

Sony bent over the XBOTS and gave them the red ring hahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhaa hahahhahahahaha(BEST LINE EVER) HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA

ElementX3929d ago

you're a prick, you know that, right?

InYourMom3929d ago

didn't bother to read and is now spouting things just to get a response.

He knows the Xbox 360 is still #2 (#1 according to some numbers) and his PS3 is #3 so he has a bit of last place syndrome.

Any 360 can be upgraded to 120gig's so if it's not sufficient for Pachter than he can upgrade. I still am doing fine with 20gig.

Blademask3929d ago

when was it ever?
Cant upgrade it.

Same with DVD9. Lost Odyssey is a great example of old technology that needs to make a graceful exit.

InYourMom3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

upgrade your HDD anytime you want. Just have to pay the ridiculous amount that MS want's for the larger HDD.

I can stick a 120gig on a Core if I wanted too.

I will say I like Sony's route of allowing you to put whatever size drive in you want, if that is what you are implying.

I don't know why you are going off on your DVD9 tangent. Just get off your azz and change the disc, it's not that big of a deal. I know people playing LO for 8 hours and still haven't needed to change the disc.

RecSpec3929d ago

Because changing discs is PS1 era.

wageslave3929d ago

Blue Dragon is a 3 disc epic, it took me over 90 hours on my first play-through.

That is 90 hours of *play time*. So, I change the disc *3* times in the many weeks it took me to play it.

your reaching son.

Blademask3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

You guys can pretend that swapping discs in the year 2008 is "epic" or cool. Its not. Those days are long gone, it was cool when it was new with FF. Not so much now with a "next g..(inserts disc)..en" Console.

keep up the BS, because its going to be funny to remind you about this when MS starts making games with Bluray due the them running out of space Like MLB2k or Lost Odyssey. You people act like dvd9 or multiples of a dvd9 is the best you can do as far as disc space, as if it cant possibly be upgraded. Dealing with it isn't a "big deal" But the whole issue is YOU DON'T HAVE TO WHEN YOU HAVE A HIGHER CAPACITY DISC. Its not a question of muscle strength.

I'm sure you were the same people talking about how CD's were fine and that we dont need dvd. If you "17 million"(wonder how many count as rrod?) xbox owners are fine with swapping discs, then so be it. Enjoy riding DVD9 for 4+ years.


No apparently changing discs is next gen. LOL.

EZCheez3929d ago

Because there is so much stuff on Live! It's a big tease and the $180 price for the 120Gb is a RIPOFF.

I'm not trying to turn this into a "This is why PS3 is better because speach," but this is one thing Microsoft dropped the ball on. How hard could it have been to allow for 3rd party HDD's that are more practical and easily able to be swapped out? Obviously not that hard.

InYourMom3929d ago

Blu-ray for the 360 and nobody is claiming it's superior or "next-gen" just that they don't see a problem with it.

You are bordeline trolling with your posts, even mentioning RROD which has nothing to do with this subject. So I am done arguing with you about it, because it is obvious you have your own agenda.

Sovannah Phum3929d ago

i agree. it's funny how pachter could say the most obvious things (things people with foresight noticed in 06), and get quoted like a genius. the funny thing is, not only does he drop these little nuggets of "wisdom" randomly, but when he's wrong people don't ignore him, the just go back for more "wisdom."

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Dlacy13g3929d ago

Remember all movie downloads are just rental...some of the TV stuff is ownership...but on a whole...all the movie area is limited time uses so you wont have an issue with content there.

On the demo side and trailer side...well if you fill up 60GB worth of demos....well you just need to delete some crap. All I gotta say on that.

Nevers3929d ago

60gigs would be plenty but I hope they have a SOLD SEPARATELY option because the 20gig HDD's are way too small. After install, I only ended up with 12-13gigs left outta that 20gigs.

And as for besides demos I got tons of the choice arcades, RB and GH DLC, OBLIVION DLC, Maps DLC, backwards compatible info for each old game, coupla Eps of random TV programs... there's really alot on there...

but the major thing is MMO content. If the Conan MMO's any good this will be a problem. Someone got me FF11 and I don't have enough space to even try it out anymore with 8gigs free.

I never understood why anyone would by a 360 core sku. Next gen gaming requires drive space... ugh...

heyheyhey3929d ago

damn straight

20gig is feeble

amen to upgradeable HDD's

kewlkat0073929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

I mean the Original Xbox had 10 Gig drive standard, so not sure why MS took a a step backwards, offering a box, not even with a HDD. But Sony also has a 20 Gigers which was not popular at all. So all this SKU mess is for gamers that can afford less but eventually, we all know, they would need more space, especially with all the content that is on XBL.

MS made Sony take the SKU route for the first time, in like 10 years. That's what competition will do to ya. Strategies change, often.
I always get the better value because I have the means of, not like some.

Imagine if there was only 1(highest priced) SKU for both MS/Sony, the Hardware numbers would be much lower, with gamers waiting for real price-cuts before they purchase. Really, I would would of liked that better instead of gimping or watering down new SKU's to make them affordable much faster.

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