HaloRadar: Master Chief Mutations

In games, he's always been the same. Strong. Silent. Steadfast. The very definition of bravery and heroism. As the corporate poster boy for an entire console, how could Master Chief ever afford to be anything else?

But in the wild, wild world of unofficial and unregulated fandom, Halo 3's champion is free to be whatever the hell he wants to be. Or, at least, whatever the hell YOU want him to be. Master Chief as a pretty-in-pink ballerina? Sure! Master Chief as man's furry best friend? Done! Master Chief as a chest-flashing, skin-baring sex symbol?

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Gitaroo3966d ago

someone should model her for UT3.

spandexxking3966d ago

fair enough halo is good and chicks are hot but it dosent make them anymore hotter in a master chief costume. in fact it kinda reverses it.